Adzcoin (ADZ): Now Trending +144.86% (24hr)

Adzcoin (ADZ):

Adzcoin is a cryptocurrency created to help solve the problem of ad-blocking software reducing revenue for website owners. Adzcoin work by having website owners install a code to detect ad-blockers and replace advertisements with an Adzcoin widget instead where the website visitor, with a single click, can support the website by donating Adzcoin to the website owner.

VTC Rally:

Price: $0.05
+37% (last hour)
+144% (last 24 hours)
+90% (last 7 days)

About Adzcoin:

Market Capitalization: $1,991,346.00
Genesis Date: November 25, 2015 (almost 2 years)
24 Hour Trading Volume: $17,676.20
Current Market Price:,
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