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Additives make gold.

10 milled coconut mixed with the water. Add 1: 1 rainwater of coconut water. Add ground 1: 1 tomato of rain water. Add 1: 1 tomato ground chili. Add ground sulfur 1: 1 chili.

Mix all ingredients, add 2000ml of rainwater. Store in glass bottles for 365 days. Take back the following year. Mix with all existing ingredients. Make sure all the ingredients stored, out of reach of children, away from the kitchen, avoid sunlight, avoid fire, away from the incinerator.


Do not practice this knowledge, if you are not from an educational background in CHEMICAL SCIENCE, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, CHEMICAL EXPERT.

Must Remember.

Every carbon compound that has been mixed with other carbon compounds, will become a new chemical that has changed its substance, its nature, its pressure, its smell. Flammable. Being a very dangerous poison. Turn into gas.

Again "Don't do it, if it's not an expert"


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