Steem better user experience while Hive have some problem load images

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Based on the data I know, there are still huge number of users stay on steemit. So, do not worry, still they have large user based here. lot of you guys will confuse which should I choose? I will list some simple reason following:


it is copy of steemit, stolen everything from steemit , take a look the website, the API document, everything is the same, right now , they just do a little change on sign up?? why???
do not be stupid ???
just for money, they want to make money, otherwise, they can do something else, like build community ...
do you guy understand... Eventually, those people are seeking for your money, they do not have so much resource to build a community
people . right now, cannot find a company running, it is like just for fun, they do not take responsibility for users... how you guy believe hive can build a better community.. not so much people, how they can do it?? like volunteer ?? everything need to be paid, otherwise, there are no quantity control.
tech ... hive just have few develop, how they can create a very user friendly website or app?? even if they can, how they can find so many people operate them??
exchange: very little exchange support hive, you will meet lots of troubles
benefit: you cannot get so much benefit from hive since they will shutdown maybe few month laters


Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 6.25.36 PM.png
take a look, cannot load image

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 6.28.35 PM.png
and you also go to user profile page and click wallet, most of users background image is gone as well as their account photo.

There are lots of cases on, which will give terrible user experience.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 6.37.34 PM.png


resource: huge talents engineer, office in Beijing, SF, hongkong. lots of money to handle dirty stuffs, lots of engineer to build awesome product, to build a better ecosystem for steemit
exchange: most large exchange will support steemit or tron, why?? just take a look. it will be very convenient for user s to buy, sell, transfer
tech: in the future, there will lots of update from steemit . Lost of engineer will join steemit to develop a better steemit. a friendly user based steemit will come up. Since tron still keep hiring, so not worry about tech
market: Justin is really good at market, do not worry about it. you guy can benefit a lots by holding steemit or trx. beside, tron still expand their ecosystem in dapp, in the future, there will more dapp come in tron..
benefit: tron have better resource to do something like airdrop,,
take a look after hive launching, so many guy make so much trash lik come to hive, justin is shit.. every post.. those people judge and use a very bad way to tell people that hive is best, actually not.. shame..

Overcall, steemit is my first choice.. is my first choice..

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