Flame/flag wars are worse than spambots :-/

in trending •  9 months ago


If you haven't noticed, I envy you, but one of the witnesses has decreed his bought and paid for authority over how a person uses their votes on this "free" system... Resulting in backlash from the offended party.

Apparently all based on some seriously sketchy math at that.

Irony, the witness who started it runs a pay-for-vote service. Lol. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

So far it's spent days cluttering up the trending feed, wasting the vote power of their respective voters once they nuke each other to zero, ruining each other's pet projects but(and those participating in them) and frankly just being petty.

Justifications and self-righteous "pity me and donate to get my rewards back" posts abound.

It's been enough to make me consider ending my legit posting and just tossing this account to a bot to try and take advantage of the system while there's some left. Because of this is what the leadership (which I didn't think was supposed to exist in a distributed platform) is about, screw it. Facebook may not pay me, but I don't have to watch Zuckerberg have pissy little "my scam is more legit than your scam" arguments.

Time will tell, but if you see this space turn into a bunch of shit posts, thank the witnesses for not only letting shit like this go on... But encouraging it and participating/starting it.

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