Episode 762

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Full Metal Ox Day 697
Renaissance Year Episode 762

The Kamala Beach Hustle

The bar girls start showing up around 14:00, they call out to you as you walk by. Maybe a game of pool? You play for drinks. It's the culture. The girls are pimped. You buy them drinks so the bar makes money. Maybe a private massage? There's a story not told in this episode. Maybe over dark nitros I can fill you in. How did I come to Kamala? Back day at the gym & your "If" file. Fill'er up. Let's roll.

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Interview with Dr. Mark Bailey
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The Devil's Chessboard

This month's audiobook is a must read. It's about the history of the CIA and includes all, or most, of the (known) dirty tricks, coups and assassinations, including JFK. This is in two parts. It might be a little or a lot disturbing. This is essential reading for awakening to the history of the United States.

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A pretty good description of fifth generation warfare.

Important history regarding vaxxines:

The End of Germ Theory

YouTube: The Fitness Journey
Gymmy Jamm Season 3

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Monkey Bars Business Session 02
Back to the bars. New routine. New moves. New strength.

A basic explanation of terrain v germ theory. Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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