L7 Trade –three months of excellent work! Reviews and review of the top cryptocurrency arbitrage platform L7trade!

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  •   Good day! In the field of high-yield investments, a very unusual and promising platform works, and I hasten to tell you my reviews about L7 Trade  

  •  The project offers everyone who wants to engage in inter-exchange trading, and investors invest tens of thousands of dollars in it! Why the fund causes such interest, and what features it has - we will deal further in the review.

  •  Review of L7 Trade:
  •  L7 Trade is a project around which there is real excitement, but far beyond the boundaries of the hype industry. There are at least reviews in our midst of it. Mostly promotion is carried out among successful YouTube bloggers, and even among those channels that shoot videos not about earnings and have a multi-million audience of subscribers.
  •  Registration in the project
  •  And I must say that such advertising had an effect - the site has huge traffic. Moreover, many investors carry large deposits of several tens of thousands of dollars into the project! Leave positive reviews about L7Trade and people known in the trading industry who would not dirty their reputation by advertising dubious projects. 
  •  As you can see, the project is really large-scale, it has huge resources for promotion and has its own chips that will allow the fund to work long and fruitfully - for example, through commissions.
  •  What is most interesting, it is completely unlike classical projects, at the first impression you can confuse it with the exchange and it can even scare you away with tons of information and numbers. In fact, after registration everything is simple: replenish the balance> find the highest price in the left column and the lowest in the right> Profit!
  •  If you are scared / once / too lazy to arbitrate yourself, click in the upper right corner the magic button “Auto trading”. We set from 1 to 10 transactions, and all trading takes place automatically for a modest commission of 10%.
  •  The official launch of L7 Trade took place at the beginning of summer, and from the moment it was launched, it already looked like a solid project. A well-prepared site, registration in the Seychelles, a large amount of information on its pages, a detailed description of the company’s work and even the opportunity to participate directly in it all inspire confidence in the fund and indicate that the administration knows what it’s doing and has come with a serious attitude.
  •  L7 Trade has not only functionality for arbitrage transactions, but also its own internal exchanger, which will allow participants to exchange funds if necessary.

 It can be seen that there will be further development - judging by the fact that there are still inactive sections, in the future we will see new methods of trading, a system of coordinators is being developed who will conclude contracts with the company and represent it offline. We see a very cool approach, what will turn out in practice - time will tell, but I can not afford to pass by such a platform as L7Trade and invested 5 ETH.

  •    Information about the company
  •  L7 Trade is an over-the-counter exchange platform. It doesn’t sound understandable to everyone, but this formulation hides quite understandable activity. Through the platform, you can buy cryptocurrency cheaper on some exchanges and sell it more expensive on others. It's no secret that each exchange has its own quotes for coins, and sometimes they are very different. You can successfully earn money on this, but you need to understand the essence, register on dozens of exchanges, have a ton of money to use them on every platform. 
  •  L7 Trade simplifies this procedure - it is enough to register on the platform website, make money and the whole world of crypto-arbitration will be in front of the participant, in full view.
  •  The idea of ​​the project is unusual. In its functionality, L7 Trade combines P2P exchange and the arbitrage system of the OTC trading. Due to this, everyone can make transactions and make a profit in one click, without being a professional and without spending a lot of time analyzing the market.
  •  Investment conditions L7 Trade 
  •  For investors, L7 Trade offers to make money on over-the-counter transactions, which can be carried out manually and automatically. To start earning, you must have amounts from 0.02 MTC, which at the current rate is a little more than $ 200.
  •  Not many operations can be completed per day, since their confirmation takes a large amount of time (about 5 hours), in general, the yield can reach 4-5% per day. The participant can withdraw his deposit at any time, there are no frosts and delays.
  •  How much can you earn in L7 Trade?
  •  Judging by the reviews on a large forum (where the project topic is in the “Exchanges” section), participants earn up to 50% profit in 10 days! Perhaps users take into account this percentage and the growth of cryptocurrencies, in particular, Bitcoin recently showed good positive dynamics. 
  •  The profit size directly depends on which coin you use, how many transactions you will carry out per day, you trade yourself or use auto trading, for which the platform will charge 10% of the profit.
  •  Deposit and withdrawal of funds
  •  The project works only with cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC, XLM, BSV, BTG, XRP.
  •  The minimum amount for trading is 0.02 VTS or 0.5 ETH, without verification, you can trade as much as 0.1 VTS or 3.3 ETH.
  •  No commission is charged for depositing funds; withdrawal fees are 0.0005 MTC. In general, there are a lot of commissions, but even taking into account them, getting a few percent of profit per day is easy!
  •  You can request a withdrawal 0.002 BTC, 0.1 ETH, 0.1 LTC, 20 XRP, 0.1 DASH.
  •  L7 Trade has its own exchanger with a transaction fee of 0.5%.
  •  The conclusion is manual, it can take from a couple of hours to several days (Reviews of L7 Trade confirm that the site pays regularly).
  •  affiliate program
  •  After registering on the L7 Trade website, the participant receives a unique referral link that can be used to attract partners and additional income. The partner will receive profit from direct referrals in the amount of 21% of their income. The interest will be paid for each transaction and in the currency in which the referral carried out operations.
  •  Despite the large differences between L7 Trade and those funds that we worked with before, it’s easy to register and start earning money. You just need to understand all the nuances and understand the features - believe me, it's worth it


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