#16 uses of palm trees#

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Arena tree is also often known as the enau tree, is one of the species of palam plants that have many benefits. In addition, it is one of the important tree species for the life of the community, especially the people of Indonesia.

Characteristics of Sugar Tree

This palm or sugar tree has a physical shape similar to a palm oil phon, with small fruit and wide-width leaves. The tree that has the Latin name "arenga pinnata" is one type of tree that can be utilized all parts of his body, ranging from leaves, fruit to wood stems. Aren or enau itself grows in tropical Asia, which spread also to Indonesia. This tree can breed through the process of pembijian, which now has started to be used as a business area for certain utilization.

As mentioned earlier, this type of palm tree has many benefits ranging from leaves to stems. Then, what are the benefits of this palm tree? Here are some of the benefits of palm trees:





#1. Making palm sugar#

Who is not familiar with this type of sugar? Yes, palm sugar is one of the processed products of palm trees, which is obtained from the sugar palm tree called sira. From this nira kemudain dilah into the form of hard and solid sugar and sweet. This is what we then often familiar with the term palm sugar. Palm sugar itself is usually often used as a mixture in the manufacture of cuisine or a typical drink from a region.

#2. As a fermented beverage#

Nira is not processed into palm sugar can be used as one type of fermented beverage with a sweet and refreshing taste. Usually sap from the palm tree is sold by using a pincture made of bamboo. Unfortunately, the sale of nira water in bamboo pipe tubes is now very rarely encountered.

#3. Material of palm wine#

In addition to being used as a drink, the benefits of palm trees that produce sap is also one of the raw material of making alcoholic beverages typical of the soil, batak that we often know by the name of tuak. Nira fermented and also added a variety of other ingredients, and then in the end will be a traditional drink from a batak land called palm wine.

#4. Making of sugar palm vinegar#

Nira can also be utilized as one of the main ingredients of making palm vinegar. However, the current arenical vinegar is already far outdated by the kitchen vinegar made by a more modern factory.

#5. Mixed ingredients of bread developers#

Apparently, juice can also be utilized as one of the developer materials on bread making. By using a mixture of sap for baking material, the bread made will inflate well and perfectly.

#6. Kolang kaling#

Who does not know kolang kaling? Kolang kaling is one of the ingredients that we often eat on mixed drinks or even in the food of banana compote. Usually kolang kaling will be sold in the market, especially during the fasting and Ramadan. Did you know that the benefits of this sugar palm tree that produces collar kaling. Kolang kaling is the seed of the palm fruit, which has been processed in such a way as the kolang kaling we know today.

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#7. As the roof of the house#

Another benefit of palm trees that can be obtained is from the leaves. Palm tree leaves are often used by small villagers to build houses. In this case, the leaves of the palm tree are beneficial to be the roof of the house, which can protect them from the heat and rain on their abode.

#8. Making a palm fiber broom#

The benefits of palm tree leaves can be utilized as well as making a palm fiber broom. The fibers broom is the type of broom we usually meet to sweep the house and clean the floor. Broom fibers also have the same quality as the broom made by using coconut husk.

#9. As a wrapper#

In the life of traditional society, and also usually in the sale and purchase transactions in traditional markets, palm leaves are also often used as one food wrapper or wrapper groceries. It can replace the role of banana leaf or from teak leaf which is also used as one of the packing.

#10. Making broom stick#

Just like the coconut leaves, the leaves of the palm tree can also be utilized to take the lidinya. Lidi can then be put together and also combined into a broom stick. Broom stick has many uses, such as can be used to sweep the yard of the house.

#11. Making fibers ropes#

In addition as a palm fiber broom, palm leaves can also be utilized in making rope fibers. This fibers rope can be used to strongly bind with bamboo and other home construction. In addition, the rope fibers are also often used to tie something that is in the sea

#12. Preparation of fishing strings from the midrib#

The benefits of palm trees in the pelepahnya can also be processed. One of the preparations of palm sugar is the making of strings on a fishing rod. Of course for those of you who like fishing may already know this.

#13. As a board manufacture#

Stems from palm trees can also be used for wood. Usually, the wood from the trunk of this palm tree is used to become a board. This wooden board can be used for various purposes, can be a bulkhead board or can also be used to create a blackboard.

#14. Made into a stick#

In addition to being a form of board, wood from palm tree trunks are also very good and often used for the making of sticks or the making of walking aids.

#15. As a material webbing#

The root of the benefits of palm trees is also often used for making wicker. This plaited can be a form of crafts, such as bags or bracelets that can provide high selling value.

#16. Used to make a whip#

Besides used as webbing, the roots of palm trees are also often used for whip making. With the contours that are not me, but also strong, then the roots of this sugar palm is often processed into a whip.

These are some of the benefits of palm trees. A lot is not it? Even up to the roots we can use to meet our needs. Hopefully this article useful for you all. thanks.


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