Dear Baby Boomers

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I love old people, the greatest gens and the silent gens were lovely God fearing Kiwis who I have the upmost respect for.

You guys, not so much.

It's not your age that makes me dislike you, it's your behavior.

I still remember the 80 year old lady up the road, called Nanna Jean, who used to sneak me her meals on wheels dessert while my mum wasn't looking ^_^

That was about the time you were voting for the institution of student loans, and you gutted my widowed mother's benefit.

Good enough for you guys, but you didn't want to pass it on did ya?

Oh and Steve, don't even attempt wit; it just betrays your neuronal decay.

You think you sound savvy, but I can smell the cobwebs on your breath as you lean towards me.

Your generation broke the social contract and gutted what was great about NZ, while My generation is paying taxes so our kids can get free tertiary education.

It was you who took tax cuts and told us not to be entitled.

Don't condescend to me you immoral old bats.

We owe you nothing, and you expect us to pay your medical bills. Guess who subsidized the Canterbury rebuild? Yeah, my generation. You're welcome.

You are the most selfish generation of Kiwi's that has ever existed.

New Zealand was pretty much perfect when you got here, and you just about sucked it dry.

My generation works far harder than you ever did.

I'm truly worried for 18 year olds now.

How are they going to afford a house when you're replacing them with immigrants?

You will reap what you sowed. Don't expect history to be kind.

I get it, you were the first generation who lost faith in God, and now you're all dying like cowards as your grand-kids toil in a sisyphistic housing market.

You know you're obsolete, you know it's over, and your Cthulhuesque writhing as you get scammed for cheap flights is entirely deserving of Schadenfreude.

Did your third house not pay the rent that week? Can you not afford to pay for travel?

Yes, my generation is mean. That's what happens when you survive a fucking recession while you pricks lived it up.

You will not be missed, you are parasitic and your defensiveness betrays your guilt.

That's fine, I'm saving a huge deposit and working my ass off to afford a house.

I don't need your help, even though you're expecting mine.

Be nice, we're going to be choosing your retirement homes ^_^

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George Carlin was a genius. God rest his soul.

That's my opinion and i do the same :)

Truth.Bomb. The boomers did the same thing to the United States. They were the generation that had to have it all and eventually they did, but it wasn't pretty for future generations. Women wanted to go into the work force so they could afford more (yay women's power!) which is great, a woman's choice, a woman's prerogative. The problem is now women have no choice. The economy demands that both parents work. Women don't get to choose to stay home really anymore. Kids are dumped in whatever cheapest daycare facility a mom can find (so as to not eat too much into the mom's hard earned income) and couples still struggle to save for a house among also juggling insane amounts of student debt required to get even the most entry level job.

Luckily, my parents were not typical boomers, My dad worked the same factory job for 33 years and always worked as many hours as needed to provide so my mom could stay home. Just a few years ago, some other prick boomers decided to use a grant given to them by the fed government to make a quick buck with their company, and they moved half of its production to Mexico, leaving my dad having to train his replacements there (in Mexico) in order to keep any of his retirement. (He only ended up getting about a quarter of it, just two years before he would have qualified for full retirement). He faced the workforce with a job that was now obsolete, knowing how to do nothing else (as he had gotten the job right out of high school). It took months but he found another job and has worked hard at it ever since (he just turned 65). He busts more physical ass than most millennials I know and my parents let me stay with them a spell a few years back to save enough money for a house down payment, otherwise I would have never been able to afford it. They are both wonderful people, and examples of how boomers should be.

In general though, most boomers are selfish pricks, and I totally agree with you here.


Thanks for your awesome reply. You could have almost made it a post! Your dad sounds amazing, you're a lucky daughter for sure.

Best of luck to you and your family :)


Yeah sorry about that, I tend to get a little carried away on topics that infuriate me, and this is one of them! I didn't mean to go on for so long!


They're so rude. Watching that clip makes me miss Carlin too. I wish Carlin and Hitchens were still here. I'd give up 20 years of my life just to hear what they'd have to say about the world right now.

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That's true, but you just have to. They would realize and come back