How the trending page looks to a newb... And how the trending page could look!

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There is a recurring issue with the trending page. This is currently the landing page for non-steemit users who come across the site. You and I know there's good quality here. But for a lurker just looking around... This is like another language!

If you check alexa this is what you will see. Bounce rate is 41% and rising.

I'm not against the content on the trending page getting rewarded as much as it is. Though steemit related content may confuse non-steemers, I would like to see the work of witnesses for example highly rewarded, and encouraged to update the community on their work.

How do we organise the frontpage feed to show content which would attract new users while still rewarding valuable content that makes the frontpage look bad?

Here's how I think the trending page could look, if instead of arranging posts by payout alone, it showed a limited number of posts from each trending tag!

This layout would make it much more likely for a non-steemer to see content they might be interested in. Not only that, but it would also give a more realistic perspective of what kind of money people are making here! And most importantly, it shows that steemit is for everyone!

Not just the nerds ;)

jk love you guys :P