How To Become Tax Exempt and Create a Private Trust for Your Assets!

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Is it possible to not pay taxes? Yes it is absolutely!

Is it possible to not pay sales tax inside stores though? Absolutely yes!

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To make it short and simple you would setup a private trust, because a private trust is foreign, so you can't be taxed.

And to not pay sales tax inside a store, you would need to do a proclamation declaration for your nationality and get an identification card stating that to become tax exempt.


Some benefits of a private trust can keep any assets in their safe and free from government, tax free, and you can live off of that value! For example if you have any titles or assets; including cryptocurrency assets, you would get the same value in a trust! So to be specific, if you have 1 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency you can put that in your private trust and you will have 1 million dollars worth of value in your trust, including the 1 million dollars you already have!

To learn more email or to help you set this up me at [email protected]


Do your research. You can email me to learn more or to set this up.

Do your research. You
Can email me to learn more
Or to set this up.

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