Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship : Government efforts to manipulate Information and Control Freedom on the Internet Exposed

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Fighting US war Propaganda - International coalition to fight Internet censorship

The rich elites buy all the media, print, radio and television and use it to advance the stories that are in their interest. Only when widespread access to the Internet has been achieved have we been able to freely and easily share ideas and information on a large scale without the control of power. A leak editing platform combined with alternative and social media allows us to publish our own information or what they think in our country. This narrative power has given the powerful a fear. In a webinar titled Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange warns of how big names like Facebook and Google are working to restore control over free speech.

The US government in collaboration with Google, Facebook, Twitter and other powerful information technology companies, imposes massive restrictions on Internet access. Similar repressive policies are being adopted by governments around the world. The new censorship regime is combined with an intensification of surveillance, aimed at monitoring what people read, write and think when they surf the Internet. Google has implementation of new algorithms to limit or block access to activist organizations and websites. Measures to prevent users from accessing revolutionary and oppositional information and comments have been implemented by Facebook and Twitter.

The Trump administration killed the net neutrality and elsewhere also have begun crackdowns on Internet free speech. The actions of this state alliance, military intelligence agencies and technology companies pose a dangerous threat to freedom of expression and other basic democratic rights. The World Socialist Web Site took the initiative to expose this conspiracy to censor the Internet and appealed for the formation of an international coalition to fight against this attack on freedom of speech and informations.

Julian Assange opposes censorship on the Internet during the webinar "Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship" Wikileaks fonder exposes the government's efforts to censor the Internet and abolish net neutrality. The political strategies and pretexts used to justify the suppression of freedom of expression as false news. By using more and more advanced forms of artificial intelligence, power structures are becoming more and more capable of controlling the ideas and information that people can access and share among themselves. Structures and raise stories that support these interests, while maintaining the illusion of freedom and lively debate.

Fight the mental traps of corrupt rulers. Although the media has always been a loose extension of the power abuses of corrupted guvernment, they are now almost all accomplices. This is a historic change, with journalists making propaganda of false news. The criminals in the military complex use Internet technology to surround us with cybernetic tentacles. True independent journalists, sources of revelation, serious information and factual analysis are ejected from the mainstream. Protecting net neutrality is an important issue of freedom ..


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