Cryptovestment Series: Pro Tip #6

in #trend4 years ago

Watch for trends

No one is an expert in this space and to be honest I believe some of the "Best Traders" simply just have more money to invest with. But you can be your own expert by simply watching the trends. Knowing how the Bear/Bull market works, or even differentiating hype from a pump will help. You create your own way to invest :) Here is one of mine.

  1. Buy the hype - normally a 10-20% gain
  2. See the news, and sell the news if a proof of concept is not validated - normally a 20-40% gain
  3. If there is a proven proof of concept continue to hold, or sell here before correction - normally a 50-70% gain
  4. If you believe the product can make it long term hold long term


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