Blue Linen

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I received the letter with trembling hands. These days I don't see very well with my eyes. There is no energy to find the glass in the village. I can see the handwriting is vaguely beautiful. It's a very familiar handwriting. I sat. I spent 63 bows. I solved my not being found a long time ago. I've been in the hole for the last few years. I do not open the door and go out. Sometimes I took it off too early. I used to walk. I haven't been able to do this for the past few days.

Harun's mother came once in the morning, cleaned the house and made tea. At lunchtime he put curry on the stove and started playing in the garden in the garden. Aaron's mother also runs the market. The name of this Aaron's mother is unknown to this day. She has been working at my home for about 10 years she. At first I would have called him a single name. I don't remember these days.

Sometimes people come from the newspaper. Literature magazine. If the story is short, give it away. I'm not writing anything right now. I'm just reading. He doesn't want to do anything else at some point in his life. Hands and feet no longer move. The rest is head. When the hands and feet stop working, the head's work increases. I keep thinking about various strange things. Most thoughts make no sense.

Sometimes in the afternoon, with a cup of tea in my hand, I would stand on the porch of the house and gaze into the distant horizon. I kept thinking in despair, no one is with me. He has no wife, no son, no daughter! There is no one. Of course, he had no son or daughter before. But he wants to see his wife. He wants to talk But Nayana is definitely out of life! But she could stay she. Now I'm sitting here, not buying glasses. I can't even read the letter. If he had eyes, maybe he would find the glasses. She was deleted. I would read the letter. I've never had to read!

Once upon a time. So close, so close. We used to sit hand in hand. After hours. Do not say anything. Just looking. Unthinkable! Yes, unthinkable. Is it possible to hold hands in this way? Expense. If the mind has telepathic communication with the mind, it goes. If you can read the language of your eyes.

I could read the tongue of your eyes. I can spend days counting the lines on your hand. I didn't talk much. Keep quiet. And yes, it was very emotional. Occasionally he would speak very slowly.