Beached Tree in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

in #treetuesday5 years ago (edited)

Look What the Tide Brought In

I think that I will let the tree, for Tree Tuesday, tell the rest of this story. Well, fine, I'll add a couple details... No exaggeration, I took a hundred or more pictures of this tree. It had me at hello.

The day started innocent enough; me and some buddies went to Playa Linda to surf, and then this tree commandeered most of my morning. Although it was no longer standing, it managed to still collect treasures from the sea and to hold them steadily against the generally unrelenting and greedy desires of the Pacific Ocean.

The ocean takes what it wants... except these rocks, these roots, and this massive, fallen, soldier of a tree.


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Mark! This is awesome! I read Your entire blog. To me all very interesting. I follow You and we look forward to Your stories. I wish You success.

Thank you so much @madlenfox! I really appreciate it :) You as well and look forward to your stories as well. Cheers!

Ohhh wow... that's quite a treasure. Bet the tree has quite a story to tell... :) One wonders what it has gone through...

AGREE! I was amazed to find all these little treasures caught up in the roots that had been turned over by the ocean over and over. Such a cool a tree!

Wow that's so nice picture....

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