TreeTuesday, Resistance is Futile.

in treetuesday •  4 months ago

Urban Reclamation Project and Art Instalation.

This tree has been growing in this car for at least 12 years. I remember the day it arrived. I used live in this area many years ago. I'm surprised the tree is not taller not taller now considering how well it's taken care of. Maybe it's a new tree, I'm not sure as I have been in China the past 6 years.

I remember after a few months of its initial arrival it was suddenly gone. It was started as an art installation but it was so popular with everyone especially tourists.

It was soon discovered that the city of Toronto had it removed for unpaid parking tickets and it was hazard. The audacity of them to destroy art in the Kensington Market village.

There was an uprising. The locals fought back against the city overlords. They took out their pitch forks and lit the torches and demanded it be return.

The citizens prevailed. The city, cowering in fear, brought it back promptly and it has been there ever since. The artwork occasionally changes but here it will always be.

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Now we know what to do with all those trucks people buy just because they want a truck and have no intention of ever hauling anything in the back.


It's always funny to see those trucks downtown a big city and you can tell that it has never seen a dirt road. Even though it has a winch and a snorkel for the engine.

They should just plant trees in them and call them mobile backyards.


At least if it has a tree and some grass, that big black cloud of diesel smoke won't seem so bad. Kind of a nice balance of pollution and environmental protection measures.

This is really neat! I've never seen anything like it :)


Yea. It is pretty neat. Sometimes people sit onnit and smoke weed since that is pretty much legal here now.

That's a really cool artwork and what a history that people's power prevailed for keeping that lucky tree. That must be a new tree though, 12 years old tree can get taller except bonsai trees =)

Now, that's a different kind of Borg.