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Some trees are just too big to be kept.

It must have been a hundred years old. The trunk is as wide as a truck. I was walking along the road to find a quite park to do some thinking when I saw this massacre.

The work crew were pretty quick at sawing it down one piece at a time with the help of a crane to catch the dismembered limbs before they crashed to the ground. The smaller branches got mutilated in the ”meat grinder”, wood cheaper.

It was quite the show that had attracted a small audience, it’s not every day such a relic of the old city is brought to its demise. It was growing beside that old house and it must have become a hazard due to its size and age.

I came back the same way later that afternoon to see no trace of the tree or the crew. Like ninja’s they came, slaughtered and disappeared. Only the young offspring all bent over and leaning out to the road was left. Now that the overbearing Oak was gone this is its chance to plant its roots deep and stretch them further out.

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That huge Oak tree must have been there before the house beside it was built hundred years ago. I don't think the huge tree was really a hazard, maybe just the owner don't like the tree blocking the view of their house. Development can be destructive to nature. That's a sad reality. It takes many years to grow a tree but it takes only few minutes to cut them down. Oh poor old Oak tree, I do hope its huge trunk will be used properly or turn into something that will live out the memory of that once beautiful and sturdy tree. I suddenly remember the story of the Little House by Walt Disney. It's 1952 classic.


I hope its used properly too. I also suspect the owners wanted more space in their yard but many houses in Toronto have basements. So underground the roots can grow into the walls and cause flooding in peoples homes.

Nature is so powerful.

It's always sad to see a tree that old and big die and be chopped down. That one was massive looking! It'd be nice if the big trunk somehow got a new life and could become a nice piece of beautiful furniture instead of being chopped into mulch or left to rot.


You know. I was actually thinking the very same thing. It would make a great table top, probably for a few tables.

That tree is huge !! And those guys were ninja for sure👌

really fantastick photography. great work.

They say you can count the rings on the trunk to tell the age. Don' t know how true is that.