#Treetuesday - Coolest tree shades

in treetuesday •  2 years ago

In the Vedado neighborhood of La Habana, Cuba, lies the cemeterio de Cristóbal Colón.

The mausoleums are spectacular - I found an especial liking in the trees which dispensed most pleasant shade in the burning, tropical heat of La Habana!

This is a tribute to Cuba via #treetuesday - A special place which is uncertain of its future.

Cannon 1300D; Focal length: 10mm; f/8; 1/160 sec.

Cannon 1300D; Focal length: 22mm; f/9; 1/125 sec.

Cannon 1300D; Focal length: 22mm; f/11; 1/200 sec.

The name might suggest that this could be a special place. Honestly, I have never seen a cemetery as elaborately built as this one. With over 500 mausoleums, this place attracts thousands of visitors every day. Flowers at the mausoleums and graves are changed seemingly every day. Locals come to visit their family members and heroes from the past.

Much love,

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Such cool shots and that first tree wow it sure has some character

good morning and have a great day


That's very true - and a good ways of putting it. These trees had lots of character. Well, they have seen a lot! Good day to you @tattoodjay

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That shadow in the first shot...so excellent! Keep up the good work.