TreeTuesday: Raasblaar tree at Monateng.

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Raasblaar tree at Monateng:

Raasblaar when translated directly into English, means noisy leave. The tree gets its name from the sound that is emitted when the wind blows through the tree and the leaves rub against each other. In English the tree is called a large fruited bushwillow.

Do you see the yellow finch in the top of the tree, I also had a yellow finch in my previous post on a tree, it seems they love to be in the photos!!

These trees are endemic to South Africa and are found as far North as Kenya.

Here you can see the tree's fruit, which is not edible according to me. I am not sure if the tree below is a true Raasblaar but the seeds looks similar, but just smaller. I found a real Raasblaar a bit later on and has posted the photos at the end of this post.
In the photo below, you can see the seeds scattered on the tree.
On the next photo, you can see the seeds of the real Raasblaar as you can see the shape is the same, the seeds are just bigger, than the previous tree's. You will also note the leaves of the two trees looks similar, when you compare them.
These trees reach a height of between 4 and 10 meters.

I took the photos with my iPhone, at Monateng just North of Pretoria in South Africa.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

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Never seen this before! Pretty cool and a wonderful photography of that tree!



Thank you so much.

Not a tree I have seen previously, interesting shape with seed on second photo.

Trees have so many different uses, some are medicinal in seeds or fruits, others the bark is used when ground down, sadly we see trees stripped of bark all too frequently.

Yes the black masked finch in the top of the tree in first photo, maybe they enjoy the smaller berry tree @rynow


I just love to walk in the veld, and look at all the various trees.


The freedom of looking at trees anywhere, always photographing and learning more. Have found some interesting old trees on the move.

Great photography sir... really enjoyed.🙂


Thank you so much.

Oh nature let me lost in your greenery!

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Yes, nature is lovely.

This is my first time of hearing about Raasblaar tree, the tree looks unique in its own form. I think I have learnt something important from this tree


I agree, it is quite unique!!

Oh yes I saw the little bird, what an eye you have.


I did not realize it was there when I took the photo, I only saw it when I was looking at which photo to post.

Thanks for sharing the post on this one and information too : )


You are welcome.

Nature is so abundant and leafy, so much green inspires.


I agree, nature is beautiful.

Not a tree I recognise @rynow. But then it's probably not often seen in the Western Cape. I have selected this as today's #dailynominated post for #teamsouthafrica