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RE: Tree Tuesday – Thoughts on trees

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That is odd about the tree only fruiting every two years but it looks to be a young tree. I have read somewhere that plants need to be stressed to fruit. Perhaps this years was too settled for the tree. You did get a really nice harvest for such a small tree the year before.

I live in a place where we are slowly getting back to understanding that nature must be nurtured and made essential to our daily living. There are a lot of forces thinking this way. We will get back to where we were. Blessing Lightsplasher:)


It is a young tree and perhaps it will start fruiting every year once it gets a bit bigger. The deer like to eat it but I've been protecting it pretty well with the fence lately. It has produced many nice harvests for such a young tree.

I hope that we all very quickly come to the understanding that nature must be nurtured. I think it is fine to be taking from nature, we have got to eat something and live somewhere, but we need to start thinking about what we can give back if things seem out of balance. Once we do that and start better cooperation world wide, I think things will really start to get so much easier for everyone. Blessings prydefoltz

Actually, thinking about it like, "taking and giving," might not be the best way - it seems like more of a mutually beneficial arrangement we have with nature. For example, the apple tree really doesn't care if I take the apples. In fact, it is helpful for it because I protect it from the deer. Now if I chopped it down to season the deer meat on the barbecue, I might think about if my actions are long term sustainable, lol. :D

We must keep everything in balance or nature will find a way to balance it for us. That is the way.

very nice with its apple tree treatments and with a little extra fertilizer it makes the trees grow and fruition in a sustainable time. it's a very genius idea on how to care for your apple tree friend @lightsplasher.