Spooky Trees for Halloween

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Happy Tree Tuesday

Halloween Spooktacular!!!

Hey friends thanks for stopping by the Old Guy's for a visit.

Trees as so nice and helpful, it is hard to see them in a scary or spooky light, but being it is the Halloween season, I shall try my best.


I think that is a sumac looking all blood red and all lol.


Bonsai trees are cool but not scary. But this one's roots are as scary as they get!


This tree is crying yellow tears. That is kind of scary...


Snake branch spruce sounds pretty horrible...


It is sad looking if nothing else.



Ok so this is not easy, but I am not giving up!

A mummy moon among the trees.


Hmm how about a scary shag bark hickory???


Now this is spooky, I dont care who you are.


ZOMBIE__P1110049 mono.jpg


I guess this just goes to show that trees are not spooky or scary, but more like friendly :)

Look at the smile on this guy!!!


Thanks for looking at my Halloween Tree Spooktacular!!!


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Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.
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Very spooky photos ...🤢

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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The spooky one of you reminds me of myself in the morning.
Grumpy Zombie until my morning coffee and smoke.


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Such great spooky stuff! Are you going to have to give up your Munster look after Halloween? I agree, fog in wood is just plain spooky. That's the type of movie scene where someone walks into that and you're screaming "No! That's where the monster is, you IDIOT!"

Ha ha. I love the smiling tree stump. Of course you have a smiling tree stump. I would expect nothing less.

Doesnt everyone have a smiling stump LOL

Well they certainly should. Their lives are hardly complete without it!

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