Tree Tuesday – Tree Disc, Fungus and Barnacles

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Towards the middle of the holiday season, somebody threw their disc up into the cedar trees. (Wasn’t me.) One of my son’s friends chimneyed up between the trunks to get the little orange colored disc you can barely see up in the treetops. It was really nice to get it back.

Cedar trees with a disc stuck again– click for viewing full screen

A little rock decoration that someone left in an old stump in the park. These remind me of dinosaur eggs for some reason.

Some rocks in a tree stump – click for viewing full screen

If fungus starts growing on a life form, that is usually not a really good sign. In this case I believe the tree has given up the ghost. ☠️

Beware of Fungus – click for viewing full screen

Here’s a nice ‘selfie’ view from below. The cellphone was giving me a bit of trouble and kept hunting around for a face – any face. I managed to keep hidden from its view and it finally decided to focus on the mushroom for lack of any better target. (It felt kind of good to outsmart the smart-phone, lol)

Fungus fruiting body selfie – click for viewing full screen

Here’s one more photo by the ocean for good measure. (Not really a tree per say, but some parts of docks are made of trees and the barnacles seem to like the wood)

Alaskan Ferry Gangplank and Barnacles; Color enhanced by Google Photos – click for viewing full screen

It is always fun to post something for #TreeTuesday as hosted by @old-guy-photos

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 1/08/2019 lightsplasher & litesplasher.


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I really like the fungus selfie! All fanned out like an accordion! Very cool looking, especially since I have very little around here. There are lots of forests and wooded areas but, very little fungus.

I had no idea what I was missing until I started seeing people post pictures of them. Nice eggs! :)


There are so many different varieties of mushrooms around here it is a lot of fun to go out and look at them all. Disc golf has got me out a lot more, the weather here has been very spring like the last few days. Blue sky and warm. Thanks for your feedback. :)

It's always my pleasure!

Really nice and colorful photos of the trees and fungus, it been long I saw a cedar tree because the tree is fill with a lot of biblical histories . Nice and equity photos @loghtsplasher

Thank you. I like the big native trees in the area.

awesome photography brother.
looks a very beautiful @lightsplasher

Oh yeah that disc looks to be WAY up there lol!

Those really do look like dino eggs!

Interesting that they would use wood like that. Maybe is it where it contacts the ship?

It does look more like metal down near where the barnacles are attaching in the photo now that I look more closely at it. I thought I remembered seeing some wood beams being used in places on some of the big docks. I'm not really sure about the construction but it seems like wood be more forgiving in contact areas for the ship.

Wow Amazing trees and awesome photography. its very nice looking.
great experience.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Your photo is very good @lightsplasher because with a photo of a beautiful tree or so remembering me to apply greenery around my house or my neighbor.

What a cool selection of shots, thats a good bit of climbing your son did to recover the disc,

Also love the water reflection shot

Thank you! Actually, my son's friend did the climbing this time to get the disc. My son had trouble trying to chimney up from the ground; the first branches were a ways up there.

I do like the ripply looking reflection in the water too.

I used to climb trees a lot when I was younger, but not these days, your sons friend did a good job I should have said :)

very interesting story with a very beautiful photos
thank you @lightsplasher for sharing

This are all picture look amazing. I like it @lightsplasher, Nice shot friend.

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