Tree Tuesday - Pitch Pine

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There are some very interesting pine trees in the Colorado area and this type smells a lot like maple syrup or honey. I like to smell different trees when I’m out hiking.


The bark on this tree is a bit yellower looking and the wood has a lot of pitch in it and burns very hot in a fireplace. (If it is the tree I think it is)

Here’s another picture looking up at the branches:


Here’s a picture of some of the native plants in the area. I believe this is a type of milkweed:


Thanks for reading! I always value your support! Pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+ and modified in Photoshop Express. Special thanks to @old-guy-photos for hosting treetuesday.

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The pine tree has a sap that is very valuable and useful for pharmaceuticals. even bought at fair prices.
Even some paper manufacturers hide the pickup of pine resin

Hello brother, photography on it look very clear and very beautiful on the tree branches, I hope you stay healthy and always successful, I am pleased to see the latest foam from brother @lightsplasher

Wow! such a wonderful photography and very nice clicked. Really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us " Have a good day

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Some great looking land out there!

Reading this brought back to my mind a pine I shot this weekend. I plan to use it soon for TT. Talking about the smell of pine, my mind went right back to these shots of pine sap.




I am always glad to see you in Tree Tuesday!


Wow, those are really interesting looking photos of the sap, nice. 😊Tree Tuesday is one of the things I like a lot.

a very great wooden tree, and a very interesting post for me my dear friend, I thank you very much for sharing

Capturing natural beauty always give you pleasant feeling. Galaxy S9+ result is amazing just like natural view of pine tree. Pine tree is also common in our part of the world.


Thanks, yes I have been
Really enjoying the way
My phone takes pictures.

                 - lightsplasher

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Pine trees are very beautiful and lush, I really like planting trees in my yard because the trees are beautiful and very suitable for garden in the yard.

Pine trees. I've heard of pine trees, this pine tree, "he said! there is one benefit that can be taken from the tree trunk. ie if processed into plastic paper material. Is it true? or have other benefits?


Besides burning very long and hot in a fireplace, I'm not sure of the other benefits of the tree.


yes friend !, I also think like that.

It was always my dream to take a trip to our Norther Provinces and be in the midst of the pine tress that grows there but it is too late now because of my condition. But maybe soon I can go up there and admire of the grandeur of Pine tress among the mountainsides @lightsplasher


I hope so, it is so much fun for me to walk in the woods with my mother.


hi, my friend @lightsplasher how are you there.

Some wonderful range shots. My research suggests that those trees are ponderosa pine. They get more yellow as they get older and smell sweet like vanilla or maple syrup. Now I have a urge to smell more trees.

Here is a link to where I got my info:)


Nice article you linked too, I bet your right about it being a ponderosa pine. I thought of it as a pitch pine after talking to people who talked about finding logs full of pitch, that they referred to as a pitch pine. I guess a pitch pine grows in a different area though. They are fun to smell because they are a bit different from tree to tree and some are very fragrant.

hi, my friend @lightsplasher how are you in there friend, indeed without us realize this pine has a lot of luck his sap jam is picked up this tree trunk also we can sell the price is high enough.


Very beautiful posts my friend, I really like the scenery, nature and trees like the one in this post, thank you my friend for showing something of the beautiful nature and scenery


this pine tree when it is old will be the resin in it. and very flammable, the fragrant aroma is very stinging.
maybe this type is the same as that grow in my area.



hello my best friend how are you are you okay, i miss you☺

Nice photos. :)

Very beautiful posts my friend, I really like the scenery, nature and trees like the one in this post, thank you my friend for showing something of the beautiful nature and scenery


Funny, I missed your post's heading, read the intro and reasoned, "Oh, it must be tree Tuesday!" Then I went back to the post's title/tag to confirm, lol.

The milkweeds look really beautiful.

And thx again for my byteball sign-up! I've since withdrawn the loot. Glad it was a win-win. Take care!

I like to read every post you, here I read that you like kissing trees. What if your spouse sees if he is not jealous ?,, LOL :-D

Did you smell that tree too? this is a very large pine tree, in my residence this tree is named "HAMLERADEN". Have a good day @lightsplasher :)

That's most superior photo captures. Very deserve to treetuesday tagging. I love those pines tree's area. Just excellent.

I am very happy to have a friend like you. The perfect photography with the natural scenery is very tempting I love it.thank you for sharing .
and I've shared your post. welcome back @lightspasher

nice photography followed and upvoted

That is wonderful photography. it is really look. nice photos.
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Wow .. perfect natural beauty and comfortable to enjoy @lightsplasher

@lightsplasher, Little bit pine trees between my country pine. There are so many huge trees. Beautiful clicks of them. Better description also. Nice you decided to share community.

Very beautiful to enjoy. You shoot with amazing ability. Like enjoying it directly in nature. Thank you friend for sharing.

Woohh. Green.
All of there is green.
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