Tree Tuesday – Maple Tree’s and stuff

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Riding down to the park today on my bike it was such a nice day. The recent rain was over and the sun was out. The world smelled wonderful and the fall leaves were all different yellow, red, and orange colors on the trees and roadway.

Maple tree in the fall – click for viewing full screen

I thought to myself, “What do I really want to remember from this lifetime?” The sound of the wind in the trees, singing of the birds… The feel of joy in my heart. The feel of sunlight on my legs as I ride back from the park. The little things I remember with love of all the people in my life.

I got back home and had to make some attempt at art to kind of spruce up my blog post a bit:

Maple tree with GIMP Van Gogh filter and masking applied – click for viewing full screen

Not exactly Banksy material but this blog post might possibly be enough to pay for a beer and can of food for Dog-oh with any luck. I think Van Gogh would have been tickled by what happened to Bansksy’s art at the auction but I’m not sure what he would think about the value of his paintings now and the host of digital ‘Van Gogh’ filters you can apply to pictures.

It is really interesting to me, how much some creative works can sell for and how popular they can get based on the reputation of the artist.

Art is really kind of subjective, like many things in life. Many times I’ve just passed on by the views of tree leaves in the fall without having the time to enjoy it. I can find the time to enjoy things now. I feel very fortunate.

Maple leaves going from green to red – click for viewing full screen

Perhaps someday something I’ve done in my lifetime will be of some greater value to someone. That would be kind of nice. Remember me in the soft movement of air through the tree leaves, the lovers first kiss, the feel of warmth on a sunny fall day, etc...

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Tree Tuesday was started by @old-guy-photos Text and graphics copyright 10/9/2018 Lightsplasher & Litesplasher.


So beautiful tree i mean i love that deep orange in my country we just have 2 stations and i think your are privileged to have all the stations in the year :). Regards

It is nice to have a variety of weather. It does get very dark and grey in the winter season around here but in the summer it stays light a long time. I like the green forests and plants all the rain produces.

Oh you are waxing quite poetic there. I like it. How can someone not be moved by the beauty that is all around us, if we just stop to notice it. Bravo because you perfectly summed up the reason I started the whole TreeTuesday thing. These amazing things are all around us, giving us the oxygen we need to live, yet mostly go unnoticed.

Oh yes about art and prices...did you see the 8 million dollar photo of a potato? I am not the best with a camera, but I think I could get close to this!

Thank you! Sometimes I do feel a bit poetic, especially when it gets really nice after a few days of rain. It is supposed to be sunny for awhile, so I maybe able to get outside more. I'm glad it fits the spirit of Tree Tuesday.

Boy, I can't believe the pricing on art sometimes. Maybe we should do a #potato art tag and flood the blockchain with potato pictures. We could do 8 million one dollar potato pictures if everyone cooperated, lol. Maybe someone could even write a bot to keep a running tabulation of the potato image payouts and present original posts with a lucrative up-vote. ;)

We could even sell advertising space payable only using Steem for marketing all the potato image coffee table books and calendars... (Okay, I guess I'm back into my silly mood.)

Hmm, I just may have an idea lol!

There are trees here in y country that gives a bright orange flowers and they are very majestic when viewed from afar and I think they are great to be put along hiways and might calm the motorists that passes by @lightsplasher
I learned about that Banksy piece of art >o< I said wow it isn't even a painting and it fetched more than a million but was shredded. LOL.

Yes, wasn't that shredded art wild? I find it a very interesting social aspect of our society.

I can relate to that stencil art @lightsplasher
Like my longing for something in my life, working on it and then to only to find out that one day both me and my goals would just be shredded into oblivion.

What wonderful colors !

I read about the Banksy art doing the auto shred after the auction. That was crazy... right?

It sure was crazy. The video of everyone's reaction was priceless.

It absolutely was !

Wow very beautiful tees, wonderful color. it is really look. excellent photography
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

Hello brother @lightsplasher, how come, I am happy to see all the latest posts from you, sorry, my brother has a problem with a smartphone, and I can only see a new one from you, and I can just create a new post, hopefully you can see it I need support from @lightsplasher brother.

Hi @ssatria743 it is nice to see you posting again. I'm glad you got your smartphone issues solved.

Thank you, Brother @lightsplasher, I almost lost my password, I just made a new post, I hope you are happy with my new post.

Do you not want to see my new post again, I hope you can visit me as before thanks my brother @lightsplasher

I love those color combination. Red, yellow and orange mixing make awesomeness color leaves to those maple tree. Better photo captures and well description @lightsplasher.

Thank you. There is a lot of nice natural scenery around where I'm at.

Very beautiful and Wonderful Maple tree photography. I really love it. Good job @lightsplasher.

Wooow. Maple tree looks best. Your photography are also great.
Love you buddy

very beautiful colored tree,
if this tree grows in my country alone,
it must be a very viral artist tree.
Thanks @lughtsplasher for sharing beautiful thing.

Thank you. There are a lot of beautiful trees changing color in the mountains around here this time of year too. If the weather gets nice like predicted, I might post some pictures of them.

Okay, I am waiting for your next post,
me and other steemians will definitely like it.
Thanks @lightsplasher

Hello my dear @lightsplasher.
How are you... hope you are healthy always.

Long time no longer greet each other, cheap prices and small power make me fall.


Hi, nice to hear from you @walad Yes, it has been lower lately. Somehow it feels like things are going to pick up in a bit after this recent hardfork. You never know though.

I'm doing fine, how are things with you?

I dont know.. I hope it will improve!
Yes, I'm fine to..🙂

Now i want make anymore post.. with new hope.

I have a problem with love, so it makes me fall. lol
Now i will go forward. 🙂

hi, my friend @lightsplasher i really like the photo of the tree that the color of the leaves is very beautiful, it pleases friends.

Wow, very beuatiful photography dear friend @lightsplasher. I likes

Wow so really amazing photography. i love it

That time of year, love the colors changing in the leaves!

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this tree is amazing, I like it very much because this tree has the color of the leaves all in all, in my area, I have never seen this tree.

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