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Have a nice Tuesday everyone!
Today is the Tuesday Tree! I do not want the trees in the snow.In my photo archive I found a palm tree. So I have summer today! Although, you probably have spring! 🙂

So, palm tree! See this flowering branch? I was looking at her from all sides.
No, I did not get to these branches, very high from me.
Wow, how beautiful these little flowers are! Do you like them?
That bee has found a delicious nectar

The bee is no longer visible, it works hard!

Until next time

Original photos by @leylar

Thanks for your time!
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We have snow here, but I much prefer your happy warm ones!


Thank! Remembering the summer, it really became warmer 🙂

Великолепные снимки. Я такую цветущую пальму давно не встречала :-)


...это в субтропиках :))