Tree Tuesday

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Here I am just barely sneaking in a beautiful oak tree not long before Tuesday is over! This is a shot from the road to the bride's parents house. I spotted it on the drive in, and I thought how can I convince them to come out here. It looks simple enough from the photo, but in real life the weeds are up to your knees in some places and it was high time for rattlesnakes. I was thrilled when they said yes. We took a quick walk out from the road as the sun was starting to sink.



intimate and very beautiful, with beautiful natural beauty, thanks for sharing @joleenwillis

Thank you so much!

How do you have so many magaziney looking photos?!

If only that were true!

Very nice--silhouetted whimsically glowing awesomeness! This local, Wards ferry?

This across the street from that Copperopolis town square. I went there a second time but that time a local man yelled at me

Nice click's loved it , you have showed the beauty of nature gd job keep it up ..
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That was not an easy walk at all with that long white dress :D Gorgeous shot! To shoot them on the back but not turn out as real silhouettes... :-)