More beautiful shots and a great lesson as a bonus. You never fail to impress @joanstewart

I brought some marula tree seeds home, going to see if I have green enough fingers to get one to grow, always room in the garden for one more @energyaddict22

Thank you @joanstewart

I go to a very remote area of Zambia a couple of times a year. Most of the area is a game park and the people live the same way they did a 100 years ago. However, many will visit towns to work for short periods, especially during times of drought. As a result, a surprising number of people own cell phones even though they live in an area with no signal. And I mean no signal.

Something surprising happens during the nights. There are spots where the signal will come through. I do not understand why but somewhere during the night your cellphone will start beeping if you are in the right spot. These spots are identified by trees and locals will hang their phones in such a tree to check them for messages whenever they pass the tree.

I'll never forget my surprise the first time we encountered a cell phone tree with cell phones hanging in it like fruit.

from Kryptonia

I know you love the tree

Where there is a will - there is a way, an amazing story about living out in the bush @reonlouw it is fascinating how many people own cell phones, it has become a great way to communicate.

Many areas we were in this past week, very similar. One minute you connected and then suddenly nothing.

Wow! Those trees are really valuable!

We have coconut trees all around us. It typically used from roots to tip! Leaves are used as thatch roof, basket and mats, midribs of the leaf are used as brooms, trunks are used to make lumber for furniture and houses, its roots are used as a dye. Aside from that coconut fruit have a variety of usage. The coconut meat can made as coconut oil, coconut milk, soap. Coconut water is a refreshing drink but it can also be used to produce wine or vinegar when fermented. These are only but few of its usage!!! 😊

Wow, that also has so many uses @gingbabida fresh coconut we do get.

I have not seen plantations near to where I live, further up the coast in Mozambique I witnessed children climb to get the fruit, many years ago.

I had problems with mouth ulcer for long years and tried many allopathic , Homeopathy nothing cured my illness. Finally, I tried native Ayurveda and that cost me nothing much. The tree named "Koovalam" in native language "Wood Apple" in English which cured my illness. I just consumed the tree leaf paste with curd in empty stomach for 14-25 days straight and stopped consuming beef during this period.

More information about the tree Wood Apple

That is very interesting, I hope it assists others in your region. Seldom people look to their own local remedies on hand, so glad you found relief that did not cost anything @dhanu4u

Actually, nature has all the remedies but somehow we ignore because of our misunderstanding or lack of knowledge. In Kerala, tribal people know more about these types of medicines as they still depend on it in the deep forest.

The part you wrote about the marula tree reminded me of this clip from the movie "Funny People":

Got to love elephant lying down, still finding "1" more just within reach @netscape101 thanks for sharing this, it really reflects how animals enjoy the fruit.

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this is great article thanks for sharing!
I grow up in a place surrounded by trees but I really love bamboo trees I considered myself like a bamboo tree that what ever and how hard the storm in life like bamboo trees always stand and face when the sun is rising back!
from kryptonia

We have small patches of bamboo, I would dearly love to see a bamboo forest @cristinealimasac

I love cherry blossoms, they not only smell wonderful but when the petals fall to the ground they look amazing, creating huge swafes of pink carpets.
Kryptonia ID Socialmediaseo

The fresh fruit must be a treat, picking them directly when ripe as well @socialmediaseo

About 20 years ago i planted a monkey tree in my front garden. It was about 1m high, dark green and had almost no shadow. That was good for my neighbour. I found it funny that it looks like it would be soft to the touch, but in reality it cuts you immediately. I still like that tree.
Kryptonia @nexit

Never heard of your tree that cuts, it must be away of protection @nexit enjoy the tree knowing it adds beauty to life.

My English is limited...
In the picture, you can see, it looks soft, but every edge is actually very sharp.
Have a nice weekend!20180518_203933.jpg

It looks like it could defend itself from anything @nexit thank for sharing the photo, it speaks volumes.

I am not a great fan of trees,,, because it is pretty scarce to see trees in urban nigeria....

Time to start teaching people to grow gardens on top of buildings, small trees will also thrive @awosode

@Awosode, we have teak tree, moringa tree, mahogany, obeche, palm tree, and so many other useful trees here in Nigeria

I am not into agriculture so as to know the names of all trees... Thanks bro

Funny, Agriculture is life bro

Thanks for sharing nice trees tho

All trees are beneficial but some give more benefits. I noticed that some trees in our parks have cards where it is written what kind of tree it is just like what you have here. They just did that recently. I wonder though why not all trees were given an identification.

I am so glad they have started showing what trees you are looking at, I used to look high and lo to find information @leeart

Gracias por explicar lo de estos arboles impresionantes,@bon-nom

I havent heard of marula tree , but i know of moringa tree which contain alot of vitamin. I completed your task on kryptonia

Tribal leaders and older folk will know about trees in your region @jacobzeema it is well worth the time spent learning more about what is available.

It's so nice to see the tree, Im always heard of the tree I don't know the way it look like.... Thanks for posting @bodymanual

Trees are living things because they were created by God for the benefit of man and animals,we should always learn to appreciate them and also plant more....

I like this wonderful post

I love trees without them I dont know how this world will look like

trees are great

Those trees are also a witnessing a history
Of South Africa. Those might live centuries ago!

Brilliant post, I do love monkey puzzle trees, these do look good when looked after and cultivated properly.

You always go to the coolest places Joan, you should become a travel agent in your spare time ;) Is this wetland park close to St. Lucia?

St Lucia Lake and Estuary @luckylie love this area, so much to see and learn.

Wow, really interesting trees! It is cool that the first tree's bark can make a pink dye. I have never seen these trees before. Thanks for sharing.

We know so little about trees and flowers around us, what they truly offer @apanamamama many tribal people will teach you so much we do not know, shared down generations knowledge.

tress is very important to our environment it is the one who gives fresh air. I live in the mountain where there are a lot of tress.
your friend from Kryptonia @sorenkierkegaard EDENJEVY OLIVEROS

This are really nice trees but I don't know much about trees

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information about these trees. Blessings!

Always a pleasure to share @hope777 glad you enjoyed the topic.

They are really trees with a purpose. I have a tree also planted at our backyard. I considered it a tree with many purposes and it is called malunggay tree. You might be asking why it is because it has lots of benefits. Its leaves can be cooked and used as medicine and so is its seeds.

Always so interesting to learn of trees that are used in different ways, glad you have planted one that serves you when it grows up @rubelynmacion

muy buen post, sigue así

Nature is something incredible and seeing the peace that the trees transmit us is something that should be contemplated.

Kryptonia @orjesus88

Deep respect for nature, we take too much for granted @orjesus88

Wow the tree is really standing ovationally and I wish I climb it

you are doing great job

We should all go back to basics. Nature gives us what we need, but we no longer know what it is we need. @damiana

Nature gives us more than we realize @damiana people need to be reminded where something came from, and it's not always packed in a box or plastic.

Upvoted, thanks

I like these pics very nice

Upvoted, thanks

Trees are life! To me there is something unbelievably magical about them. They definitely bring healing to my soul and spirit. I attached a photo I took of my son at one of the giants at the Garden Of Eden, just outside Knysna.

Reach for the Sky that must be amazing to visit @koevert

Hay que cuidar los arboles, son muy importantes en el dia a dia! From kryptonia

Great nature photos :)
Kryptonia @cashthekush2

I like trees and when its hot I would relax under the shades.
kryptonia: blockgators

Kryptonia @Hokkaido

Gracias por compartir tan valiosa información de los tesoros de la naturaleza @xintoe

When we learn more about what nature offers us, we respect nature in all her glory @xinto

Nice picture of trees,, i like tree formations.