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If there is a tree that should be Steemit's mascot, it should be the Cryptomeria!!! This tree is so-named from the latin 'krypto' meaning hidden and the greek 'meros' meaning part. In otherwords, the seeds are hidden by scales. This tree is indeed a 'hidden' gem of a specimen - forget all those arborvitaes and leland cypress...Go for a cryptomeria!

Well, all of that aside, this is absolutely my favorite tree and here are the reasons why:
It is not prone to disease
It has beautiful soft needles
It has beautiful drooping branches
It's a conifer, so it is evergreen
It has fantastic cones on the branches which are lovely and are even lovelier in holiday arrangements
It makes for great screening
It can be sheered into a hedge
It also comes in a dwarf variety

I have one quite old Cryptomeria and 2 youngins'. The younger ones are indeed more beautiful, but my old elder has a loopy statesman-like air that I can relate to ;-)

Here's the Old Guy...looming over our side yard...he's been through a lot

Here is a photo of the 'youngins'. I planted these in a part of the yard by the pool that blocks my neighbor's house-sized garage that looks like a house and that they keep lighted up at night which makes me cranky.

Here is a closer look at the branches
Here is the bark on the Old guy:
Here are 2 photos that I found on the internet of the cones. Unfortunately this year I do not see any cones developing which I am quite sad about.
Female Cone
crypto cones.jpg
Male Cone
crypto cones 2.jpg

So do I hear a YES! that the Cryptomeria should be steemit's tree mascot? LOL. I am certainly a resounding YES!

Happy Gardening


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I'd better start growing one of those lol. Awesome post.

Haha! Loved the tree mascot idea! Go Cryptomeria!! 😁💪💪

Beautiful photos awesome photos thank you so much for this great choice for
steemit mascot :)

A lovely tree indeed ! I really enjoyed this post and I will follow for more ! 😊 I’m a bit of a garden nerd so I’m sure I will have a lot of fun on your page ahaha ! Have a great day ! 🙌

I suggest. Ficus elastica to be a Steemit tree for sure ✌️ One day small ones will reach the sizes of their big brothers. Looks similar to Thuja. Thanks @gardenlady for good garden article as always. Keep doing green things 🌿👌

Not any normal tree can qualify for the place for steemit mascot but I think Cryptomeria does the job. It is absolutely beautiful but the main thing that mesmerises me is the cones.
Great Photographs @gardenlady


I, too, am in love with the cones!!!

you took a good photo @gardenlady

Nice tree @gardenlady! I cannot find this type of tree in my country :(

I really love the way that you related the qualities of the tree to Steemit. I need to improve on my identification of tree species so this article was was helpful.
I'm also a big admirer of bark and so those photos in particular attract me.


Glad to be of service, @kusknee !!

Looks like a part of paradise!