#TreeTuesday Trees at Zhujiajiao while filming first date after dating show

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  • I just wanted to share a few pics of the trees at Zhujiabao located in China near Shanghai. It was about 40km west of Jingan (Where I live).

  • I had just finished recording a new dating show and we had to film the first date with a camera crew of 6 guys. I’ll write more about this experience in my next EK Blog.

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Yesterday was quite hot but I managed to take some nice scenic pictures. Of course these were a bit edited after the shot but the original pictures weren’t bad either. Huawai P10 takes really nice photos!

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Ancient township was a commercial center during the Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) Dynasties. Markets could be found along the riverside thanks to its convenient water transportation. The township became one of the largest commercial centers on the lower reaches of the Yangtze during the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911); and that explains why there are so many buildings in the style of both eras. The streets of Zhujiajiao have retained their original structure. The granite-laid roads seem to be polished. The narrow streets are sandwiched in between brick and wooden two-story buildings. The roofs seem to be connected to one another. Shops are lined next to one another. Most of the houses were built on the water. The people living along the banks often open their windows and chat. Thanks to the river, laundry and shopping are very convenient.

Cited Sources for Zhujiajiao Description

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Sometimes the description of a place would be more accurately given by a travel article. I found this easy and descriptive summary of the place to add informational value for readers =D


I understand now, I need to change the wording as well.

cool! my wife is chinese and I end up watching too many chinese dating shows, but I admit the production value is surprisingly good

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