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So its Tuesday today but its not normal Tuesday , its TREE-TUESDAY..

its my entry to Tree Tuesday context
This Lighting Tree (pardon me) is in my neighbourhood and this is amazing .. 20170621_205631.jpg

so this huge tree is near my house its so beautiful that every time i passes by i am unable to control myself from taking a picture..adding sun is just a plus point. its so full of life :)

The picture is not clear but i love the shape of this maple tree ..

A tree without leaves .. no doubt a tree full of leaves attracts you or it indicate a life full of joys but don't know why whenever i see a tree without leaves it seems like it is telling me that no matter what one day everything will fall apart but you don't need to be upset about be yourself do hard work and everything will be back on trail just like the leaves.. 20170621_174510.jpg

so hardships is just a different season in your life once its gone the other will come just have patience be a hard worker and you will achieve everything..
Hope you liked it , If so please upvote, follow and resteem!!

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Those are some beautiful trees and it looks like you love in a nice neighbourhood!


Thank you @kus-knee and yeah i live in a wonderful neighborhood :)


Thanks a lot for your support, my dear brother @kus-knee. Prabh is a strong girl and she just immigrated here in Canada 5 months ago and started to work with me as an assistant accountant.

She is so brave that she burned herself in the kitchen very first week on her arrival here in Canada, but her parents back doesn't know as she requested all her relatives here not to talk about the accident (as she tells me that this news wouldn't do anything else but make here parents stressed and worrying a lot more about her, as she is the only daughter with one brother).

Right now If I have to support either 2 of daughters or her I will choose Prabh to help as she is like my daughter too and she needs it more right at the moment.


Oooooo Thank you so much bhaji @mathworksheets , don't know what to say about this but yeah i see you as my elder brother or father i have same respect for you as i had have for them. Thank you for everything.....


Oh, mention not dear Prabh. Keep doing the good work and you will be very successful!!

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