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RE: Tree Tuesday – Thoughts on trees

Hmm, if you put wontons in a pho soup, would it be photon soup? Anyone who denies climate change sure doesn't live where I live.Weird weather is happening more and more often. It's almost like the seasons are shifting, it stays nice longer in the fall, but spring arrives later. Can't be good for plants and animals that rely on those patterns


Lol, nice joke, hmm photon soup and I don't even have to travel to the universal singularity to get it. ;)

The weather has been unusual and things are rapidly changing.

whether with weather changes in this season please fella @lightsplasher.?

Whether with weather waits Willy weatherman's willful weather writings? LOL, just kidding. :)

I heard they serve a good one at The Restaurant at the End of the Universe! lol

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