Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard. Part 8 - Lining the canal

in trees •  3 months ago

After the dam leaks were plugged attention could focus to the irrigation canal that runs through the property.

Being an earthen canal it is easy for water to seep through the base and sides of the canal. The solution there was to line it with some sort of impermeable lining.

Concrete is rather expensive and requires a lot of site preparation.

In this emergency instance where time was of the essence we opted for using plastic since it can be put in quickly with relatively little site prep and just a couple of hours of labor.

We did however, do a lot of tree felling to make access to the working area a but simpler. Most of these were exotics, invader saringa's, so no loss there.

Here is a canal shot before lining.

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Enjoy the upvote! Duuuuude...... lease me some STEEM POWER!

Good job.

it seems like a compelling business. I appreciate your efforts.
Congratulations my friend.

Looks like you guys did a lot of work.

Can't wait to see the entire pecan orchid!! The series motivates me to get back to work and build my dreams.

Great work

Sacrifice of so many trees...

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It were exotics and invader sangrias...

Thanks for sharing!

lovely shot. Keep Countinue with this type great contain. I need more learn to you.
Many many thanks for share with us
All the best. Carry on

Ver y good!!


May you reap a bountiful harvest soon @gavvet

This is a great series. Noticeably good work.
Thank you for your contributions !
Good fortune.