Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard. Part 3 - dealing with drainage issues

in trees •  3 months ago

Once we dug our holes we soon began to discover a serious issue.

There was a dampening at their bases and then they began to fill with water.

This indicated that although the soil drains well the local water table is very high.

The hunt was on to discover where the water was coming from that was artificially elevating the local water table.

Seepage from the nearby drainage canal is a known issue but was never suspected of having such a massive impact. The irrigation water storage dam was also found to have leaks at its joins. We would need to isolate all of the water ingress sources and mitigate them ASAP before planting the trees.

With the deadline for tree stock to be collected fast approaching this would be no easy task.

The supply of water needed to be cut off immediately and the process of dewartering the 3 hectare field commenced.

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The route to all problems can be solved from starting from scratch. This used to happen in Pakistan as well when i lived there a decade ago

Do you know if the extended geographical area has any wells? Would be even more interesting if there are any that pre-date the drainage canal; I'm wondering if the high water table is localised to the area you're farming in or if it's more general...

We are hoping to plant pecan trees also. Can't wait to get started as fall approaches.

O that's right !
You see my blog i hope you like my photos thank you

Unfortunately in my country pecans don't grow, of course we have another kinds of nuts, and I think it's great experience to grow up them from zero to first harvest!

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Wow. Sounds intense. Following you.

I hope they manage to carry out their project dear @gavvet, in the picture you can see that the water level is very high, a few centimeters from the edge, that is especially common in low areas, or areas where the land is not well drained. sometimes or in some cases there is usually some seasonal change in the water table, due to rain or drought.

Looks like fun! Following.

anxiously waiting for next part....