Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard. Part 10 - After planting

in trees •  3 months ago

A by-product of clearing the canal banks to get in and line it with plastic, is a lot of wood. The other plus is most of these trees were alien invasive species and which are very thirsty.

They are not local species adapted to local conditions and are therefor very wasteful in the amount of water the draw up from the soil and release to the atmosphere via transpiration.

This is then all put through a chipper to make very useful wood chips.

We made mountains of them.

These will be used for mulching and making compost.

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Good thing they weren't as important plants as the local ones. That's good work you're doing there.

Nice farming keep it up

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Everyone will thank you very much after seeing your post. Thank you

Oh you must be careful with those plants because absorbing so much water can be able to dry the others!

Hey @gavvet, what you are doing is great! Love to see you triumphing over everything and anything that may stand in your way. This is in South Africa? Isn't the government confiscating land and persecuting white farmers? If that is true I hope you are not setting yourself up to be targeted. Wishing you all the nut tree success in the world! From Kiev Ukraine- Dan "World Travel Pro!"

it actually turned into something really pretty :]

You are doing great work man

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