Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard

in trees •  5 months ago

Pecans originate in the Eastern United States but they are cultivated in suitable climates throughout the world.

Haartswater in South Africa is such a suitable place, also the bakenveld where I live. It has long hot summers with cold winters, perfect growing conditions for pecans. Finally getting to a well established orchard is a lengthy process that takes a decade.

We are Just starting out with preparing the lands and digging the holes for planting young trees.

The young trees are grown till their grafts have successfully taken and then removed from the ground and sold as open root trees.

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This post was very nice, nice photography, informative thankyou for your hard work keep up the good work god bless you

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That soil looks parched, totally demonstrates the heat!


They keep it bare to use mechanical harvesters once the nuts fall to the ground or are shaken from the tree.


Ah, I never even thought of the harvesting!

very beautiful plants

All the very best for it buddy :)

Hope they grow very well :)

Very nice plants. I think I havent seen them before in North Africa. Nature is great :D

Very good process

@gavvet I must admit that I was unaware of the existence of this tree. I wake my interez and I see that their nuts are edible, in the traditional kitchen and desserts to others of their curative powers against tuberculosis
Thank you very much for sharing this information
I wish you a good weekend

Hey that's awesome. When are you planting? And is the water system yours as well?


Nope that's the center pivot at the nursery installation. They produce a few tens of thousands of trees a year.

We started planting last week.


Ah that's a pity....water is life! Well it's exciting to see you getting back to your roots (pun intended!) and look forward to seeing how it goes

They look very good plants especially because they help the eco system

Very nice plant.

Is the structure in the last picture used for watering the trees?