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There are many references in the Bible relating to Trees and a giant tree that once was/is the Tree Of Life. There are videos on Youtube claiming that there are no forests on Earth anymore, only bushes. There are numerous videos on Youtube that tell of the remnants of giant cedar trees, massive stumps that we are told are mountains, but are instead possibly the foundations of dead trees.

It paints a picture of a giant excavation job, a clearance of biblical proportions, especially at a time when giants were around with these supposed giant trees, do you remember Jack & The Beanstalk? In the Bible, it references the presence of Giants, giant trees and today we have Youtube researchers uncovering their own evidence of a possible hidden past, have you ever heard of the Mud Flood?

Are the trees around us really just babies in comparison to the trees of old? Are we living in a former world that is more like something from a fairytale book?

Hidden history seems like a Fantasy Land to the everyday person with supernatural occurrences that had possibly taken place. Researchers have even uncovered petrified fossils that had been once been turned into stone, almost Medusa like, quite scary to think about as a reality, beings and animals being turned to Stone.


The Land of Make Believe?


There is so much about our history that is passed to us as second hand information and it feels as though we are all still learning and understanding what took place all those years ago, we weren't there at the time and we can only uncover what we can. If it wasn't for Youtube, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea about any of these huge topics and I would like to thank the researchers that spend their time deciphering this World's past, otherwise I would be "stumped" without their efforts. I'll believe anything nowadays to begin with, until I've carried out my own research and then decide what to take seriously and what not to, discernment is important, thinking for one's self is the key.

Pliny the Elder (AD 23–79) said their lands were forest-covered with tall trees growing up to the edge of the lakes.
Pliny the Elder


Tree 1.JPG

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From what I have seen, heard and read, I think that so much is being kept hidden. They know much more than what they are telling us and only letting little bits and pieces out, slowly because it would be too much and boggle our minds. Just my opinion. Great post! : )

Absolutely @whatisnew, and you are sounding like you are Woke. ;-) Life never felt right for me, I always thought things just didn't add up. Thanks for the nice words. :-)

Yes, I am wide awake and sometimes I wish I was sound asleep. : )

I know exactly how you feel, being awake when everyone else is asleep, sounds a bit like a nightmare @whatisnew. At least us woke people have each other. ;-)