Tuesday Tree - Let's take care of our world

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Este árbol fue cortado por unas personas sin conciencia sólo para tener donde sostenerse para pasar ese pequeño lago, sin tomarse un minuto de su tiempo en pensar lo vital que son estos árboles para la supervivencia de nuestro ecosistema.

“Algún día el árbol que has tronchado te hará falta para respirar.” Suwamixh

Este es mi aporte para el Reto Tuesday Tree por @old-guy-photos.


Cámara LG G3 D855

This tree was cut by some people without conscience just to have where to stand to pass that little lake, without taking a minute of their time to think how vital these trees are for the survival of our ecosystem.

"Someday the tree that you have cut will need you to breathe." Suwamixh

This is my contribution to the Tuesday Tree Challenge by @old-guy-photos.


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very big tree


así es mi querido amigo, gracias como siempre por el apoyo ;)

That is right!!! Glad to see someone capture its natural beauty and give it an important message.


Gracias mi querido amigo por tu apoyo..saludos

You have absolute right, in my country is a real genocide in forests...


Thank you very much for the support, that's right ... this is a crime.


With pleasure! Unfortunately, we can not do much, just take care of what we have.