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Parasite means mistletoe.Its not tree but it grow up over a tree. If a rice fields have grow some corn we uprooted corn.Than a corn field have grow some rice we uproot rice.Parasite hamper another crops to germination. In Bangladesh there are many parasite such as Dendrophthoe falcata Loranthus longiflorus, pentandra, Helixanthera cylindrica, ligustrina, parasitica, Macrosolen cochinchinensis, Scurulla gracilifolia, parasitic,pulverulenta, Taxillus thelocarpa, umbellifer, Tolypanthus involucratus, Viscum articulatum, V. monoicum and V. orientale.Many important fruit trees such as jackfruit, mango, etc. are affected by the attack of parasites in the forest trees of shawl, teak, grass etc.

There are two ways to prevent attack, physical removal and chemical application.Cut the affected stems from the physical removal method and remove them before the parasite can be harvested. The stalks should be cut at least 50 centimeters below the parasite which is connected to the adjuvant plant to remove the soot.

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It might not be a good think the parasite. But it looks cool

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