There are at least 6 such treasures in the world, whose search is still going on

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There are at least 6 such are

The job of looking for treasures has become an industry ahead of a hobby.1293748_L.png

The job of looking for treasures has become an industry ahead of a hobby. In fact, the great wealth hidden in the treasures has always kept the searchers on their side. Despite all the efforts, there are at least six such big treasures in the world, whose search is still going on. According to Historic, most of these treasures are lost due to the accident. At the same time, some have been deliberately concealed. There is a difference between the history of these treasures, although all historians have a view on their presence and their value.

1 Treasury of Spain (13 thousand crores)

In 1715, Spain sent its largest treasure back to the country from Cuba. This treasure was being brought in 11 vessels and according to today, the ships had a treasure of 200 million dollars or about 13 thousand crores. In order to avoid the pirates and the forces of the enemy, the sailors of Spain chose a time that was close to the seasons of the sea storms. However, within just 6 days after leaving Cuba due to the arrival of storms, all the ships were sunk with gold and hundreds of sailors. So far seven ships have been discovered, although according to the Historians, the majority of the treasury is still in the ocean.1797369_L.jpg

2 Lost Treasures of Inca (6500 crores)

It was believed that the city of El Dorado i.e. the Inca civilization exists. Historians believe this idea, although due to hundreds of evidence found in South America, all historians are unanimous that gold and silver stores were present in their civilization. After the battle with the Spaniards in 1572, the people hid gold and silver in the state and hidden them in some intelligence. According to UK explorers, this treasure is $ 100 million or about 6500 million rupees.

Treasury of 3 Key West (Rs. 1300 crores)
The year 1622 Spanish fleet was stuck in the storm near the West Coast of Florida. These immersed ships had hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold. In 1985, the Mashhad investigative mail fisher, with a treasure of $ 500 million, proved the truth of the Historians, according to which there was a huge treasure in the area. According to Historian, according to an official letter of the ship, there are still 17-ton silver bars, 1.28 lakh gold and silver coins, precious stones worth 27 kg and 35 gold boxes to be found.
4 Amber Room (1100 crores)
The name of this room comes at the top of the precious artefact disappeared during World War II. Located in a royal palace of St. Petersburg, Russia, this room had more than 5500 kg of amber, gold and precious gems. There are many stories in this room bar, according to some, during the invasion of Russia, the German army had removed everything in this room and sent it to their country, where it was destroyed in the bombing of the Allied armies.

Many historians believe that before the war, the Russian government removed the room from its place and sent it to a safe place. However, there is no information about this room yet. The estimated cost of this room is $ 17 million, or about 11 hundred crores.

5 King John's Treasure
In the 13th century, Britain was the kingdom of King John, which was very fond of diamond jewels and price deposits. During a visit to the year 1216, the king ordered a large treasure to be taken to the capital early in the small but marshy area. However, due to the tide coming during the journey, the treasure was drowned. No treasure has been found till now. According to the Historians, diamonds and gems worth over $ 7 million were present in this treasure.

6 Treasures of Fen
Art Dealer, Historian and writer Forrest Fen have been famous for finding old artefacts and treasures. Although he had to leave his campaign due to cancer, fighting the disease he started a compaction himself to maintain the zeal of Treasure Hunting. Fen has concealed his most precious artefact in a treasure hunt. There are 9 puzzles to find it right there. The cost of this treasure is between 10 to 3 million dollars. No treasure has been discovered so far

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