Exploring The Backroads Of Washington Part I

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Backroads Of Washington Are Amazing

The backroads of Washington are amazing. Take any one of them and discover a mountain, a stream, or a lake. Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in the Cascade Range. It is just one of many stars in the Pacific Northwest. It is however, the shinning star of Washington State. Here it is seen towering above the hills and can be seen from every side. This stately mountain is always snow-covered at the top, and one of the most widely enjoyed playgrounds in the Pacific Northwest. Come along, as we take to the backroads surrounding this and other amazing treasures of the Northern Cascades.

Mount Rainier National Park offers a complete smorgasbord of opportunities for the adventure traveler. Take a scenic drive through the countryside on one of the many backroads. Most of the rural roads open in late May and remain open through September. Each of the many backroads offer many hiking adventures with a profound number of trails. In Washington, you can discover trails for the beginner hiker all the way to the most advanced. There are even opportunities to climb the many mountains. No matter where you go in Mount Rainier National Park, you will be provided with a wide array of stunning views. So gather the family and head to the backroads.....adventure is waiting.

     Mount Rainier National Park

Bicycling through Mount Rainier National Park is scenic and challenging. At Mount Rainier, cyclists are able to enjoy the breathtaking views that the mountain provides. You will find a bicycling adventure that is fun and challenging. There are no designated Bike trails in the park, but Bicycles are allowed to travel all of the park roads. They may not, however, go on any of the hiking trails within the park.

One of the major adventures on Mount Rainier is to climb this beautiful active volcano. It is a heavily glaciated peak that requires advanced preparation. What a challenge it offers to those who are prepared to climb her slopes. Mountaineers, the world over, come by the thousands each year to climb to her summit. Thousands are successful at climbing this 14,410 foot active volcano.

The climber must be prepared for a vertical climb that reaches over 9,000 feet. This is done over a climbing distance of over eight miles. You must be in excellent shape, well prepared, and experienced in mountain climbing. All climbers who want to climb any mountain over 10,000 feet or access any glacier in Washington must have a climbing pass. The pass is $46.00 dollars a year for climbers 25 years or older. It is $32.00 for those under 25. All passes are good for one year. You also must register for the hike either the day before or the day of the climb. You may purchase your pass at that time. With a yearly pass, there is no limit to the number of climbs you may make during the year, but you must register for each climb at the park ranger station. You will need valid ID to register or purchase your pass. For those who are planning on camping, a wilderness permit is required. For further information, contact any ranger station within the park, or write to:

Mount Rainier National Park
55210 238th Avenue East
Ashford, WA 98304
(360) 569-2211...Phone is answered during normal business hours only.

There are many trails throughout the park. Many are short hikes of two or three miles and others are major hikes of over 20 miles. If you go on the Mount Rainier Website, you will find a full list of all the trails within the park and the difficulty and length of each. Hiking within the park is a beautiful and fun experience. Do your homework and enjoy your hike.

If you want to get into a real Mount Rainier adventure, consider a Ranger Quest. There are Ranger Quests for adults and there is a Junior Ranger Quest for those 12 and under. You will find a complete list of the rules and all the available quests within the park or on the website.

Rainy Pass In The Northern Cascades

Camping on Rainy Pass is a monumental experience while in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Beginning at Rainy Pass, you can hike to three clear and beautiful alpine lakes. You will climb two mountain passes through the North Cascades and you will experience breathtaking views. Lake Ann trailhead parking is available at Rainy Pass. Please note that leaving your vehicle at Rainy Pass Trailhead requires a Northwest or Federal Lands pass. Camping is not permitted in all areas. There is camping allowed at Lewis Lake in the next valley over. Just before you reach Heather Pass after about 2 1/2 miles, there is a spur trail that leads to Lewis Lake. You can get complete information on all the day use areas and camping areas at the ranger station.

A charming Bavarian Village

Leavenworth is a charming Bavarian Village in the heart of the Washington Cascades. Leavenworth is a quaint Bavarian Village known the world over for amazing specialty shops. Here you can shop till you drop amidst a selection of Bavarian style goods. To help you delight in the many memories of your trip, be sure to take home a few reminders. In Leavenworth you will enjoy some of the most spectacular specialty shops in the State of Washington. You will also find numerous accommodations to choose from. They are clean , cosy and nestled in this charming town on the edge of the woods. Check out the calendar to see what is going on during the time you will be there. You will find festivals, musicals, and live theater. One of the most attended festivals are the events leading up to Christmas. The christmas lighting and Ice Fest are perhaps the most popular of the events on the calendar. This spectacular and quaint town is breathtaking. A Bavarian theme in the midst of the Cascade Mountains is remarkable.

In the 1960's Leavenworth was almost dead. The railroad was gone and the timber industry was dying a painful death. In the midst of all the chaos was born an amazing village. The mountains and the valleys resembled Bavaria, Germany. What an astonishing German Bavarian Village. Leavenworth was remodeled and the people are coming. Spend a few days and enjoy the amazing qualities of this little piece of Germany.

Where ever you travel in Washington State you will find fun and amazing places. Gather the family together and continue to explore the backroads of Washington.

Happy Travels,

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Washington is one a very few US States I haven't visited, it is on my bucket list.

It is a beautiful state for sure :)

Great photos, thanks for sharing...

Thank you. We are still figuring out how to post everything here correctly, and will continue moving forward.

Going to this place is just but a dream, a dream that will never come true. Thanks for posting photos that would make my day beautiful. Appreciated.

You are very welcome :-)

very nice wish it were closer to my home-uk

I only wish we have gone to more places in the UK but only Ireland so far.

I lived in Federal Way for three years and loved the sight of Mount Rainier. I have vivid recollections of it being revealed between two layers of clouds so you could not see the base or the peak. Natural framing if you will.

I miss Leavenworth and the parks and roads. Stopping and filling my water bottles from the local spring is another memory. I really need to get back there and visit. Some great memories came flooding back.

@bmwrider yes it was appositely stunning, and we really enjoyed the trip. We a happy to help bring those memories back. :-)

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