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in treachery •  2 years ago 

First time guest Robert David Steele briefs the public on what's really going on behind the scenes.

David delivers some out the box ideas on how President Trump can avoid the plots that the deep state are making against him. See link below.

Greg Hunter is by far one of the best independent journalist around.

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This post is all the more relevant seeing as the takedown of his presidency is happening as we speak. P.S. I am NOT a fan of trump

I think he joined recently under @phibetaiota
Thanks for sharing!

Nice post. Upvoted.

Steemit can play a role in the media censorship issue, but must be ready for the influx.


Yes I agree completely. The sad thing is that most people are still sheeple and would call us conspiracy theorist. I always rebuke as say conspiracy facts!


Whenever I hear it, I simply replace the word "conspiracy" with "truth". 95% of the time the statement then become factually correct.


I like that I'll start using that one as well. Thanks 👍