How to Deal With an Idiotic Parent/ person

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The word idiot actually means "stupid person." Of course, there are all sorts "stupid" out there and common sense aint so common these days.

If you have watched The Office much, Steve Carell's character, Michael Scott, says, "Would an idiot do that? If the answer is "yes"; then don't do it." So true even comedically worded. I'm a huge fan of the office. Dwight's character above lived by this mantra.

Anyway, back on point, you may have surmised I've been dealing with some stupidity. It all started before my Dad's birthday on May 15th. I have been to a LOT of therapy/ counseling because of him and at 32, still not healed. He believes you can buy forgiveness or affection/ love with card or cash, etc. I've recently been struggling with money and he has helped without me asking. i usually don't ask for help from anyone unless its dire.

I posted about my biological mother contracting COVID19. She recovered! I stress biological, as my dad is remarried. Her diagnosis persuaded me go get the fun nasal swab, the most definitive way to know if you have it.

Feels awesome! JK. I can see why someone wouldn't want to get it. Otherwise you can get the much less invasive antibody test to see if you have had it. Truth is you may still have it or never get tested because you have no symptoms.

Having no symptoms doesn't mean your "fine." That means you're an idiopathic carrier. You can still make others sick. Antibodies also mean nothing. If the virus mutates you could get a different version.

There's 4 of us kids, I being the oldest and working in heathcare for 14 years. For Mother's day this year we had to face time as she had the virus and had to completely isolate at home.

As far as my Dad birthday, we could've gotten together, maintained the 6 foot rule and still be under ten people and keep masks on and gloves.

I explained this to ny Dad's WIFE who is a CFO that works remotely and listens to FOX NEWS all day. Now I'm not dissing your news preference, but it is idiotic (i.e. STUPID) to get your world news from one source only.

I have never had cable. Months ago my Dad had the gall to ask if I even know what's going on in the world since I don't have cable. I told him I don't need cable or main stream media to keep track of "the news" & obtain it from multiple sources to get the best unbiased news coming from various sources. He just didn't understand that. I-D-I-O-T.

Getting on point, how to deal with them?

  1. Remember most people ARE SHEEPLE
  2. The rely on and believe maybe one or two MSM sources.
  3. You can try but usually can't fix stupid.
  4. Stupid people are lazy when it come to news, as they rely and believe very, very few sources for the news.
  5. Understand your alternative and most more correct sources will be things they've never heard of. You'll probably get a glazed over, deer in the headlights look.

All we can do is try to educate. When attempting to make birthday plans, COVID became an obvious topic. His wife curtly told me they will NOT get tested and gave no explanation why. I tried to explain how my 14 years in healthcare correlated to getting tested as it relates to other viruses/ diseases. I was told my expertise meant nothing because the news was all she needed.

I told her that was rude and she should apologize. She then said I was the rude one and I just blocked her.

Today my Dad emailed me to "leave us alone!." I hadn't spoken to him in WEEKS!

Anybody else with similar issues? How do you handle this idiocy?



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