Venezuela and physical-geographical diversity

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Hello Steemians, today I am going to talk to you about the physical and geographical diversity of my country Venezuela which is sensational and majestic, I hope you like it and I hope you travel with the tour of images that I have prepared for you and also, take away another conception of Venezuela that is a paradise.



Venezuela is a country made up of a great diversity that enriches the landscape with characteristics that allow the national territory to be privileged since it has geographical components that grant qualities of the tropical, Caribbean, Guiana, plains and Andean type that make each region different and varied in terms of relief, climate, hydrography and other elements typical of the geography.



Venezuela has a great extension of coastline, so the great maritime space lends itself to be a place of an active fishing economy, in addition to the ease of entry and exit from the sea, which is an attraction with monetary reward, the same happens with other green spaces such as the jungle area or the snowy area that serve as a tourist and economic sympathy.



The Macizo Guayanes occupies 47% of the Venezuelan territory and is an extensive geologically very old natural region. It extends uninterruptedly to the north of the Federative Republic of Brazil and a considerably smaller area of Colombia. They are separated only by the sedimentary depression of the Amazon River; but as a whole they are one great physical-geographical unit. As well as the variety of metallic and precious minerals that are characteristic of these ancient geological structures, and the beautiful tábulas raised to the sky, which are the tepuis.



Likewise, Venezuela is Amazonian and also corresponds to the Guiana Massif, which provides immense natural wealth and a geostrategic potential that the great Amazonian region has for South America and the world, as it grants it the condition of physical-geographical plurality.

On the other hand, the South American Andes is a dominant feature in our country, through the Cordillera de Mérida with an extension of approximately 40,000 km² and the Sierra de Perijá with an approximate extension of 7,000 km², as a northern continuation of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia. It has a plant and animal biodiversity, since it has a great abundance of natural resources such as flora and fauna, as well as the presence of the tropical Andean zone, of enormous volumes of water capable of feeding hydrographic networks, dense and plentiful to serve as strategic resources in the production of hydroelectric power, irrigation and human consumption.



The Venezuelan Andean páramos have a great value as a natural, environmental and scenic resource unique in the national territory.



The Venezuelan Caribbean then diversifies into coasts, islands, islets, archipelagos, gulfs and bays of all kinds. This time through the Caribbean Mountain System that runs through the country in the north and northeast through its two branches. The Cordillera de la Costa and the Serranía del Interior, in their central and eastern sectors, and at the same time being Caribbean implies the identity that we have with the other countries of the region, both in history, language, culture and the immense scenic beauties as well as in the way people are.


isla la tortuga.jpg


Venezuela is also a broadly Atlantic country, with coasts belonging to the Orinoco deltas, the San Juan River and the Gulf of Paria. Where it gives commercial outlet to its production of metallic resources such as iron, bauxite and steel. Without leaving behind the export of natural gas and oil produced on the Orinoco continental shelf.

Similarly, the Venezuelan nation is recognized for its plains, as it has an area of nearly 260,000 km². Where the fierceness of the soils for multiple uses stands out, its high water reserve, its enormous wealth of animal and plant biodiversity and its immense hydrocarbon resources (the Orinoco Oil Belt) entirely flat. Venezuela is also a tropical country, since it has four of the great climatic groups that characterize the South American subcontinent: very humid tropical (Guyanese climate), humid tropical with dry season (plains), humid mountainous (Andean) and semi-arid (Caribbean).




In such a way that Venezuela has a rich biodiversity with its own characteristics in each region, since each one has natural resources and a beauty that makes them unique.

I hope you have enjoyed my trip because of the physical and geographical diversity of my country and I hope you will be enthusiastic to know more about it and the goodness that this land has to offer us and at the same time we will be grateful to God for the landscapes he has given us.

Thank You For The Visit




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I love Venezuela, been there once. Beautiful photos too

thanks @mitchadventures for the support. Good day

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