Real Quezon

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Hey travel people another travel bucket list Welcome to Real Quezon. With my travel buddy.
We are extremely amazed with the nature shows us. Its a cold,foggy, raining and cool weather.

See almost 0 visibility. From manila to tanay it will took for about 1 hour and 30 mins. From tanay to Real approximately 1 hour. Love the scene very refreshing and good for family bonding.
I realy love how nature takes place, and how beautiful creations GOD masterpiece.


Nice bike adventure... upvoted and followed...

Ohh the place is so foggy!! What a great ride!! Upvoted, followed and commented by rubelynmacion of krypto

Well documented. Nice job! 👍

Great post! 😉 so happy you are engaging people from kryptonia now. 😘😉

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