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Antipolo has a lot of beautiful scene to offer aside for its highland from the city there is a lot of cladestine beautiful place here. You dont need to go to Bagiou if you want a cold and comfy place just 1 hour 1/2 you've got there.


If you want a good over looking view antipolo has a lot to offer.

And most of all good for family bonding why first the accessibility from the cities second a lot of beautiful scene and third a lot of people get here before they are on voyage or trip. Asking guidance from Our lady of Peace and Good Voyage. I think thats it hope this will be a guide for some future traveller and for family get together.


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This is not the weather I expected to see but it looks like you had fun and got enough to eat!

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happy trip!
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Looks like you went in the night, seems really cold and dangerous especially with the fog.

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Very pretty place with good food @january22secret thanks for sharing #kryptonia - @joanstewart1

Nice one keep it up.

Very good post. 👍

nice! thanks for sharing

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I've been there, its really have a nice view 😍

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Great place to go. Thanks for sharing.

love to visit there one day

Nice place
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what an amazing time out :D

Beautiful and romantic scenes.

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