Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 19

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Most of the time, it feels as though there is order to the universe. Even when things go awry, if you don't have any expectation that every little thing will go "perfectly," you aren't caught off guard. You deal with whatever comes up, even if annoying, and move on.

Well, in the last week or two, it has felt as though I've been caught in a downward spiral without reason, order, purpose, or meaning. Even amid feeling some of the best I have felt in a while, I have been greeted with one frustration after another.

Even having put my plan from yesterday into action, I ended up wandering across lower mainland (in a single night), in search of a place to stay. I hate to say it, but I almost gave up. My best creative problem solving was proving fruitless against this hostile energy.

During the day, I reached out to a friend who said she had a house to herself and would be willing to put me up for a while (she told me this a few months ago). I did not hear anything from her during the day. She did get back to me later, oddly enough, but the conversation ultimately didn't go anywhere, so no plans were made.

So, I set my sights on a provincial park. I bought camping gear, picked up my pillows from the storage locker, and set out to Chilliwack. When I got there, though, there was no indication whatsoever that camping was permitted. Daylight was wasting, so camping was fast becoming a non-option.

As I was checking out the park, I got a call from my mom. I let her know what was going on, that I might end up spending the night in a tent. She was kind enough to send me some money so I'd have somewhere to lodge for the night.

Since I was close to Chilliwack, I headed back into the city and found a nearby inn. For whatever reason, they needed a credit card for the damage deposit, even if they were to charge my debit card for the night. That was a bust. I called around Chilliwack and the hotels all seemed to adhere to the same policy. I expanded my search to nearby cities and could not find any that didn't follow a similar asinine policy.

As much as I had trouble embracing the idea of returning to Hope, it seemed as though it might be my only choice. When I stayed there the two nights prior, they never asked me for a damage deposit.

I arrived in Hope, only to discover all the hotels were booked up. I then traveled to Harrison Hot Springs, because the inn I stayed at over the weekend hadn't asked for a deposit either. But they were booked up. That's when I was about ready to give up. I'd called and visited 20, 30, maybe even 40 hotels already.

A text conversation with one of my mentors quickly turned into a phone call, and we went back and forth on the issue. By then, I had surrendered to the idea that I might be sleeping in my car, or I might not be sleeping at all. But he suggested that I should be able to find a place that wouldn't require a credit card to put down a damage deposit, so at his word, I set out, one last time, to find a hotel.

Finally, I arrived in Langley. First hotel. Closed. Second hotel. Required credit card. Third hotel. Is that even a hotel? Fourth hotel. Finally, I found a place to stay for the night.

It's 2:25 AM as I write this. I'm experiencing a slight bit of déjà vu.

Nothing makes sense. But I need to get to sleep now.

I can't stay in a negative state any longer. I must get grounded once more. Things are going to look up, even if it takes until this damn full moon is over.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Drop a comment so I can follow you and connect with you personally.

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