Shopping with the robots

in travelling •  last year  (edited)

We hit 40 degrees yesterday. It was quite a change from my Edmonton -15 so I had to update my wardrobe.

While shoping I saw how Dubai is trying to be the "smartest" country as they are claiming to be.



At the end I didn't get too distracted by the robots and I still found everyting I needed for my sunny vacations.

See you

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Slowly but surely the time of robots approaching, very excited about the technical development lately :)

this is great, hopefully your holiday is fun

Nice and cute robot. You swallowed the letter "m" (snartphonephotography). ;) Thank you for posting @cyclamen.

40 degrees??? ugh.....I like warmth but isn't that a bit oppressive? The hand art is very interesting. What did the robot say to you?

Haha great! I hope you enjoy the sun and keep enjoying your vacation.

welcome to my steemit lover friends

@cyclamen, I'm glad that nothing stops you from enjoying your vacation. I hope you appreciate the heat and do not be suffocating. All the best for you and yours. Best regards

Thats great.
Guess you enjoyed their.


wow! I need 1 robot at home.

They really had a robotor as a shop seller?

Hehe i saw this little fella last yesr in Prague. It was a bit creepy from time to time. Especially the way it starts to look at you :D

I totally agree with you. Even to me, it was a bit creepy and it is a really strange feeling when I was looking straight into his eyes.

I like the hands!