Do you ever miss taking the right turn?

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Well it happen to my husband and myself yesterday!

Armed with lunch we planned to spend some one-on-one quality time with a dear friend. At the getting ready stage we were completely unawares of what was to eventuate on this particular drive. It was going to be harder than usual. Of course we ran late leaving. That was the first sign of what was to come. Anyway, eventually we started off behind our scheduled leaving time. Initially all went very well as we drove down highway to the turn off road called Roy's Road.

But it was not meant to be an easy ride!

We were destined to miss Roy's Road. For some weird reason we drove right passed it! Crazy right? This is a trip that we have travelled a number of times and all goes well. Not yesterday! I was completely unaware due to mobile texting distractions and my husband was just happily driving along and missed it. Oops! Not a nice feeling. Problem solving kicked in as we realised that there is no opportunity to do u-turns on a highway. Oh well, panicking was not going to help so we stayed calm and eventually found an exit that allowed us to head back the way we came. Staying positive and it does not matter attitude helped enormously.

<centerFound the right turn off at last. Here is that elusive country road.

In the end we were not drastically late and better still we arrived still being friends to be happily greeted by a grateful friend. Why do these little hiccups happen do you think? Maybe, it is Murphy's Law that stops one from stopping things from running smoothly all the time. Maybe, little hiccups come to challenge one's ability to deal with problems. Maybe we all have lessons to learn about being flexible and attitude. Maybe, we were meant to have a bit of a longer drive than usual.

I think that the way we dealt with the problem was a big plus. But I hope missing the turn off on a highway is a long way off.



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haha it happens to all of us! But at least you guys didn't start a fight about it and get all stressed out! I like the photo of you country road..I'm like "THAT'S a country road?" lol. here is what the country road in front of our house in Texas looks like:road.JPG
God bless you both!


Nice country road @janton. They are great to motor down.


By the way our country roads are like this too!