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A Holistic Approach

The following post is about a life changing experience through a workshop on Biomechanics and Kinetics and my travels to Ticino shortly after, where I had the opportunity to apply what I had learned.

It all started when I grabbed a book at a shop titled 'The Grid' , by Matt Watkinson.

The books starts out by describing that all mathematical models are wrong, but some are useful because they help us tame the problem of real world complexity. Matt describes a wonderful model for a business or a project, for which he uses various approaches for it's diverse application.

With pain in his knee trying to treat it with physiotherapy, Matt tries cycling, running and lifting weights etc. until he stops exercising all together. When the pain becomes intolerable and he lands up at the surgeon's office. After an arthroscopic procedure and six months later, the surgery on both knees had changed nothing. After trying everything else, he ends up with a sports rehabilitation expert named Nicole Parsons. With blank stick figures, rulers, cameras and a clipboard she runs her diagnosis. The problem she explained had nothing to do with Matt's knees, but imbalanced muscle groups from his shoulders down to his feet. This meant that his hips were out of alignment with his knees. Nicole used an approach called the 'Egoscue Method' and prescribed exercises to rebalance the muscles.

The conclusion for Matt was that everything in the body is connected holistically and as in business, one part of a decision can impact another. One must therefore take various aspects into account that are parts of a whole and might interrelate while examining that one part. The Book for such a more holistic approach that Nicole recommended to Matt is Anatomy Trains. Finally Matts book is entirely about business models and less about physiology and biomechanics.

Photography Series: Taken in Ticino, Switzerland (Photo Table at bottom of post)


A while later I met up with the Vegan Ice Cream Queen of Zurich.(Creator of the green fairy) Sonja, a PhD in Philosophy spoke about morals, rationale and I found most liking in her wholesome viewpoints. Thoughtfully viewing an interplay of various different aspects that tie into a whole when it came to her general approaches in life. In our first conversation we spoke about thinking outside the box, questioning the status quo, but also naturally expressing oneself, being creative and evolving with simple and basic human empathy that many are born with and of which children posses so much. We spoke about being different and morally correct while deviating from the masses and their concepts violent and uncivilised. I enjoyed scrutinising established ideas with Sonja and shared valuable epistemology.

Sonja organised a workshop on Biomechanics a few weeks ago. While attending her workshop, we began speaking about accepted habits that we are accustomed to. Starting from seats, chairs, conveniences in public transport that are detrimental to our health, to shoes that we wear, we covered various areas. Going over customs of an everyday human life in our society, she beautifully laid out how and why certain aspects of it simply do not favour a physiological state of wellbeing, because of over- convenience, lack of stimulation and diversity in muscular input.

Sonja addressed facts about natural movement and alignment that are very important issues, that truly made me abolish so many dogmas I already believed to be conditioned with, but was now finally willing to drop with so many amazing scientific facts and confirmations. Our feet, knees, hips and upper bodies, core and pelvis suffers from disproportionate postures, excessive resting of muscles that weaken them from lack of utilisation and deficient stimulation of joints and particularly fascia.

I recommend the workshop that Dr. Sonja Dänzer offers if you ever make it to Zurich.


Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman, a bio-mechanical scientist, explains pains up top caused by excessive sitting and rolling ones shoulders forward while sitting at a steering wheel or in front of the computer, which causes something called Kyphosis. A forward curvature in the thoracic spine decreases the function of the heart and lungs and leads to fracture. The idea therefore is to increase motion in all areas of the spine, covering the upper, mid and lower back with wholesome kinetics.


This would encompass stretching your hamstrings, hips, outer thigh muscles and increasing the motion in your lower body.


Living in the information age, we neglect the very kinetics that stimulate us to feel. We strap our toes in shoes. If you were to do a handstand, then your fingers are spread in relation to your thumb to balance. When you walk, your toes get pretty neglected and aren't spread from your big toes, which reveals itself by our inability to move each toe separately. The keyword again being balance. This was truly a profound lesson for me in equanimity.


Unexplored territory for our nervous system can be stimulated and activated through barefoot walking and massaging the fascia using facia balls or barefoot walking. I guarantee that it will awaken and enliven parts of your body and mind that will make you explore a whole part of undiscovered muscular regions, their sensations as well as stimulate various parts of your mind. I believe the cognitive and the peripheral can reach various forms of equilibrium through profound understanding of the bodily mechanics involved with kinetics.


Not just how we walk matters, but also our foot placement when we run or walk. This can particularly be practiced while barefoot walking or by wearing shoes with flat soles or split toes. I prefer Tabi socks, split toe shoes or socks and shoes like Vibram's. For Tabis I recommend the following brand, because they pay particular attention to offering various solutions considering podiatry:


Reconsidering that I had made this discovery about flat shoes, landing on ones football : tibialis anterior, fibularis longus, which cover the metatarsal bone, I was trying to shuffle what shoes I would wear from then on and try to do as much barefoot walking as possible. Going on a vacation, I decided to see if I can upgrade my cornea...















Visiting Ticino, Switzerland, I went to a Hotel resort called Hotel Paladina in Pura, close to Lugano. They actually had a path for barefoot walking which lead to the hotel canteen where they served breakfast. Although one must wear shoes within the area of the restaurant, reception and the main premises or the canteen. I particularly enjoyed their dinner included package and their specially served vegan special including dessert.

At the lake I also encountered some ducks I wanted to add to this post:



I encourage anyone to do regular barefoot walking and assure that it will be life changing, rewarding and mindfully stimulating. To discover ones kinetic abilities, bio and bodily mechanics will lead to more insightful approaches to daily routines and the treasury of wholistic well-being.

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Find your center! close your eyes, feel both sides, look within, breathe and let your muscles inhale the prAna and exhale naturally outwards to move with your breath. - Soan Shinobi a @yangyanje original

(dedicated to #mindfullife)

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Excellent post, I have been walking barefoot for years, although when I go into town esp now in the summer I wear sandals as the footpath is to hot for my feet, but I never wear shoes at home, walking or in the garden. We need to connect with the earth it really allows us to exchange energy and be more in balance. Those photos are beautiful xxx

Great to see another barefooter here. I've been barefoot for years now. But just like you said, it's a challenge to walk on asphalt / bitumen roads in peak summer afternoons and on marble flooring in winters. I avoid walking during peak weathers as much as possible. But unfortunately, the biggest challenge these days is to find natural land to walk on. Everything in my city is covered either by asphalt roads or concrete side-walks. No place to feel the mother earth :(

@trucklife-family, thanks for sharing this. Connecting with the earth are some profound statements about exchange and balance. Do read on raramuri sandals/shoes and the tarahumara people. It’s highly interesting. Rocky paths and lawns can get addicting. Always barefooted, but so much more now that i get cravings. Its also the sensations of moisture, temperature and uneven surfaces.

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You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Interesting! I try to go barefoot as much as possible for I was very much aware of the energy exchange and flow but I never took it to such depths connecting it to the bodies biomechanics and kinetics. It all makes sense and something to work towards changing, to improve quality of life and for better health. Thanks for sharing!

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Great post! Funny to log in and see it 2nd on my feed from Trucklife - whilst im sat massaging my legs for better blood circulation hahahah :P oh the universe is cool huh!

Just thought that I can add to this barefoot post by recommending VivoBarefoot shoes, they are awesome and they are hand made in africa, using vegan materials! Its so important to go bare foot but obviously some places you need shoes, but yes, definitely not commercial ones with elevation in them. See how deep the destruction goes, it sad isnt it like you say about how things are designed like chairs which end up causing us damage. Also what annoys me is in the building trade, it says in textbooks the standard height to place a door handle for example, and another one being kitchens, all the units are standard heights in every kitchen!

@movingman, thank you for your insightful comment. Sonia recommended Vivo at the workshop to the participants as well. This is a great comment. Awesome take the standards. I never thought about that! Strange is how i am starting to view tennis shoes, sport shoes and that the way people walk and the way we are used to isn’t just wrong, it looks strange and almost painful after understanding this.

@movingman thanks for the advice and @yangyanje for the final push. I just ordered a pair of vivo barefoot shoes and will receive them in two work days. Can't wait to start wearing them!

Have a nice weekend :>)

Great! Shame you didnt say earlier because i had a coupon for some discount 😂 what ones did you order? Seriously they are so dam cool its a good investment for your posture and many other things too 😊

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I had a knee operation around ten years ago after a skiing accident and experienced pain walking after that. It was getting worse and doctors didn't seem to be able to help me. Then I took my shoes off around five years ago and never put them back on. Now no more pain.

I only wear them when I have to. Rather like @trucklife-family

I might have guessed she was a barefoot lady ;)

Love all your Swiss pics!

I am so sorry I missed this when it came out. The week got away from me.

The fascia in the feet wraps all the way up to the skull.. no wonder attention to the feet has such a profound affect on us. I love my feet... what wonders they are! In yoga over the years we have done lots of PAINFUL work on the feet... rolling over sticks, standing on toes with knees on floor. Painful but so good for you.

In my iyengar days i learnt to put my fingers BETWEEN my toes and wriggle them about. A habit Dad and I carry through to this day.

I wear shoes to work coz I have to, but mostly like the skin of the earth kissing the skin of my feet.

Funny, thought straightaway of @samstonehill here but see he has already been...

💚💚💚💚 Riverflows x

@riverflows. I am so happy you stopped by. Iyengar times? Wow, i literally always enjoy your feedbacks and specially this insightful comment. Yesterday i met a friend in the train and told him. We both took our shoes off and literally live 20 meter from each other and took a field path home barefooted. I would love to see the trend.

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Oh WOW! What a post!

So much information and detail into something that can improve everyone's lives. I am going to dig a little deeper into the post as I need more barefoot time.

I wouldn't have discovered it except for @freedompoint bringing it up on #PYPT

upvoted and resteemed, found it in #pypt discord. be back later after we're done.

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