Real Life Captured #317: Koh Phagnan Thailand! Part Two (10 Photos)

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Real Life Captured #317: Koh Phagnan Thailand! Part Two (10 Photos)

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I'm back in my favorite spot, Koh Phagnan Thailand! For me there is nothing better than the island life, and this island in the gulf of Thailand is one of the best for me. This will actually be my third consecutive year visiting this island. I stay here for about a month each time now.

Traveling around the world and being on the go so often can be exhausting and the lifestyle this island offers is the perfect way to slow things down and get the rest and relaxation I enjoy. Not all islands are the same in Thailand. There are different levels of development and a different vibe all together which attract different kinds of travelers.

What I love about Koh Phagnan is the extreme laid back way things are done here. There is still no McDonald's on the island. Food and accommodation is far less expensive than neighboring and over touristed Koh Samui. The island attracts a younger crowed and you are seldom pressured to buy things by hawkers trying to sell you stuff.

One should know this is the island of the famous full moon party, and there is a lot of partying going on on this island. However there is enough space for everyone. In the north of the island things are very laid back, more quiet, less partying. In the west there is a very vegan/yoga/hippy vibe going on. On the east there is a family vibe. The south is where the main Thai town of Tong Sala is located, and for a split moment you may even feel as if you are back in Bangkok!

The south east is Haad Rin, and that is where you can see young people getting trashed! That is party central and it can be a lot of fun too; but one thing that keeps me coming back is the sheer beauty of the island. One gorgeous beach after another; one incredible look out point after another as well! Jungle hikes, monkeys, kayaking, and more! There is a lot to keep you busy and this time I get to share it with my lovely girlfriend Gaby AKA @miss-travel-pro! Now come along and let's get a feel for this island together in this latest Travel Pro Photo Series of Koh Phagnan Thailand!

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Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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wow great photos. And it seems such an awesome place to be. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

It was a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by Sergio!

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I've been on that island once and got a bit too many buckets on Had Rin. I woke up in a strangers hammock covered in mosquito bites. It was not my finest hour :)

That sounds about right for night out in Haad Rin! Hahaha

Thanks for stopping by!