Some places we visited in Berlin!

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The day I reached Berlin, I fell sick and had decided not to do any exploring. On the second day, @varunpinto reached Berlin. We met his cousin, Larry for lunch and then the three of us decided to go on a walking tour to explore the city.

Larry is studying in Germany and he already knew a few places and he took us to some of them. The first one we saw was the Alexanderplatz TV tower which I posted in an earlier post followed by Brandenburger Gate and others and here are their pictures:

Reichstag building:

Doesn't this look like a huge television on a wall?

Somebody realised there had to be a Singles Day!

We were taking metros (trains) and buses to get to all the places. This bus stop looks so neat.

Checkpoint Charlie:

A random colorful building near Checkpoint Charlie that I thought looked interesting when I clicked the picture!

Portions of Berlin Wall kept for display at Potsdamer Platz:
When I saw the date drawn on this, it felt like it has some significance in my life.

The famous buildings of Potsdamer Platz. I wasn't aware I had to click them from another side of the road and I really missed a good shot.

Berlin Cathedral

I love the beautiful architecture on this one.

I'm pretty sure the interior must've been even more beautiful. We didn't go in as it was quite late and the cathedral was closing. The cathedral was our last spot for day 2 and we headed home after this.

It felt like the days were quite long and not ending at all even though it was quite the opposite. As in, the time seemed to pass very slowly in Berlin.

It was a day well spent exploring the main points in the city.

Stay tuned!

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Those structure looks magnificent + the lighting as well! Nicely taken

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Thanks man!
I love their architecture. Everything you see looks like a piece of art!

By far my favorite city in Europe.

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